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Friends say Stubler lived life fully but loved to speed

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June 15, 2010 at 6:27 a.m.

21-year-old victim of Boardman motorcycle collision identified

Your post is full of inaccurate and illogical comments.

You are attempting to blame the driver of the car for this situation.

The biker was weaving in and out of traffic and going at 70-80 mph on a 35-40 mph road that is HEAVILY traveled.

It is everyone's job on the road to behave responsibly. That includes bicyclists, pedestrians, joggers, drivers, construction workers and bikers. The biker was not behaving responsibly. He is 100% to blame for this crash.

Secondly, loud pipes do NOT save lives. That is the biggest and stupidest lie I have ever heard. That is just a lie that people like you cook up because you think loud bikes make you look tough and cool. Loud pipes sure didn't save this guy's life, did they? By the way, your loud pipes are illegal and several cities are cracking down on them.

The NHTSA has put out several papers and guidelines for more motorcycle safety because the number of motorcycle deaths are on the rise. The cause? Bad motorcycle drivers and a lack of protective gear.

There have been 4-5 motorcycle deaths/crashes in the area over the weekend. Every single one of them was the fault of the bikers and none of them were wearing any sort of protection.

The fact that there are bad car drivers is moot when it comes to the fact that this young man is now dead and his family and friends are hurting. The man he slammed into also was injured and taken to the hospital.

There is nothing you can say to shift the blame of this crash onto anyone else than the biker who causes his own death.

Bikers are killing themselves at a high rate. The biking community needs to take responsibility for it's actions and stop blaming others.

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If probation fails the first time, will it work in the second case? Time and J.J. Cafaro will tell

Only the most uninformed fool is surprised by this verdict.

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*President Obama is suggesting a large number of financial reforms in the banking industry to protect ignorant Americans who are too uneducated or stupid to read the fine print and protect themselves against greedy banks. Let's see how many of you Tea Baggers and Party of No members will go on talk radio crying about socialism, birth certificates, and how the banking industry will be harmed by regulations.

One last thing * You can't have it both ways: Don't blast the President for trying to regulate the banks, who are out of control, yet cry about government staying out of business. Put your thinking hats on this time, folks. Don't be misled by rich Republicans and who are the ones who benefit from a lack of government regulation. These are the people who own stock in these companies, are on the boards of these banks, and who are in bed with the financial industry. Think this time.

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Amazing how everyone wants the gov to stay out of their business until they need a handout. Suck it up and get another job. Two if you need to. Deliver pizzas or papers, flip burgers, whatever. Get it done.

The problem is that these people, like most, live hand to mouth. They are absolutely maxed out. There is no emergency fund to fall back on in case of illness or job loss. No savings at all, usually.

Now they want to blame the govt. Blame yourself. Stop going out and acquiring mortgages that you cannot afford. Contrary to the lie that the marketing machines sell you, you CANNOT have it all.

You should ALWAYS borrow at least 15%-20% less than you can currently afford when buying a home, car, or any other major purchase. If you lose your job, become ill, or have other setbacks you will need that 15-20% income/savings cushion to stay solvent.

The bank are not your friends. Their brokers & affiliates are not your friends. Once they sell you a product, they're done. Don't come running back to them once you hit a wall. They don't care. They're in business to make money.

If you can't make your car payment, they're going to take your car. If you can't make your mortgage payment they are going to take your home. You know this going in. Plan accordingly. Leave room for life. Crap happens to all of us that we cannot foresee. Make allowances for it in your finances. Stop looking to the government (the rest of us) to bail you out. I did not support the bail outs of the banks and Wall Street either.

I work in this industry and have seen so many ridiculous stories of people expecting the government to fix the mess that they've created in their finances.

Some of these people applying for loan mods live in half million dollar homes. They have three high-end cars, 60" tvs throughout the house, and refuse to cut down on their expenses. They have $300 cell phone plans and $2,000 worth of car payments a month, but they want a handout to keep them in the lifestyle they simply cannot afford anymore. Instead of getting cheaper cars, selling off some items, and downsizing their lifestyle they want the banks to "work with them." Not going to happen.

Then they begin to rail at the government. It's not their fault either. You folks did not go out and ask the government's permission when you signed up for a home you could not afford. Why blame them?

Not everyone in trouble is in half million dollar homes, but the same principals apply. Live within your means. Well within your means--whatever those means are. Perhaps you will have to wait before buying a home. Perhaps you need to buy a more affordable home. It is up to you to manage your life and finances. Just because some slimy broker or loan officer is willing to sign you up for a loan does not mean that you should do it. Live within your means, people. It is not the taxpayer's responsibility to keep you in a home you cannot afford.

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Vacant house causes a stir in Campbell

Following your lack of logic, I guess that's why Boardman is filling up with houses that are foreclosed on and not kept up--the landscapers don't want to take the risk of going in and cutting the grass and boarding up the places because they'll be robbed.

The only people holding mortgages in bad neighborhoods are slumlords--usually vultures from the suburbs who don't care if they rent to dope dealers because they don't have to live next door to them or people who bought when the area was starting to decline and still have 15-20 years on their mortgage and can't really afford to move out.

Say something remotely intelligent or don't say anything at all. There is too much hot air floating around this message board. No issue can be discussed intelligently without some of you closet racists popping off with pure BS. You have to find a way to work race, (even if it's veiled) into every comment you make. You're not funny or clever. You're sickening.

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Man confronts motorist, is fatally shot

Hope this is a lesson to all enraged drivers. Let it go. Drive defensively, be courteous, and leave other people alone.

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Vacant house causes a stir in Campbell

If the bank owns the property the bank should maintain it. They know who own the property. They've probably foreclosed and left the house in the previous owners' names. This is a huge problem in Cleveland.

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Ruling: Coitsville can leave district

Actually, Cincinnati has the worst schools in Ohio.

With open enrollment in place I don't know why this is such an issue for Youngstown?

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Why can’t city government help ailing city schools?

Ms. Tate, with all due respect, as the top official in the city schools, the buck stops at Ms. Webb. The truth of the matter is that Ms. Webb is grossly unqualified to be superintendent of schools. That is more than clear.

I will, however agree: Someone needs to start calling out the board as well. They are supposed to provide oversight and leadership as well. Judging by the condition of the schools (academically and financially) the board is not doing it's job either.

A school system like Youngstown, in such a troubled city, really need strong, qualified leaders who are able to step outside of the proverbial box and get the job done. There are models of success out there. See what others are doing good and adopt those changes in YSC. If Michelle Rhee can wrestle the D.C. school district under some semblance of success, Youngstown schools can certainly be reformed.

Passing the buck is not going to get children educated or turn the condition of the schools around.

Those at the helm must step up and own the dismal failure known as YSCs and look for comprehensive ways to turn it around.

You are obviously a friend of Ms. Webb's. I give you a A+ in the friendship department. However, Ms. Webb has failed miserably. I hope the parents and tax payers in Youngstown have learned a lesson from Ms. Webb's tenure and force true change in the system.

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