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Valley residents prepare to attend historic inauguration

Yes, I know the average person wouldn't stay in these hotels due to price. Having recently visited DC, hotels are not inexpensive. I'm wondering if all of these people traveling from YTown are staying in VA, sleeping on the bus...or paying some of these prices

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‘This didn’t have to happen’

My local middle school and high school both have police officers at arrival and dismissal. They are paid with funds from the PTA/Foundation. The county will not take an officer off of his beat/duty for this. People tend to take an officer a bit more seriously than a civilian. Donations and support of the PTA/Foundation have increased because parents see the importance of the officer.

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Man’s disappearance baffles family, police

I don't understand what happened between 9p.m. and midnight-1:30a.m. What time did he call the Ave for dinner to be made? Certainly it doesn't take 3 hours to get from Boardman to the Northside.
Somebody knows something or has seen something.

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Coitsville can’t leave Youngstown schools

Let me start with, I grew up in Coitsville from 1978 to 1990. My parents still live there. My sister and I attended Holy Trinity school and then Ursuline. Our bus was full. Yes, we dropped Coitsville kids off at East...less than 5 from a full bus. I suspect that would be the same percentage today of Coitsville residents that would send their children to Youngstown schools.
Vouchers didn't exist then, but DO IT!
Where is the outrage in support of these parents wanting their children in a better school. People on this message board were up in arms when that Ohio mother BROKE THE LAW and put her children in a better school than where she lived. Where are the people that supported her?? Why aren't they outraged and supporting Coitsville?The citizens of Coitsville are taking the right path in the court system to get their children into a better schools.

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1.3 million seek vote on SB 5

I live in a right to work state, GA, and have since 1990. Our cost of living remains manageable because the person working in the grocery store doesn't DEMAND a high wage but works for what that position is worth.
Businesses will continue to leave heavily unionized states if they can pay someone half the pay to do the same job.

BTW, I just spent 2 weeks in the Youngstown area. I paid more for gas and groceries than I do in Metro Atlanta. The sales tax was the same. My son attends a top, public school, (I don't recall OH being high on the list of best schools) we have a new public library, our roads are nicely paved and we are building new schools.

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1.3 million seek vote on SB 5

Take a moment to read the above article with actual stats from the 2010 census. States without collective bargaining see more growth than those with collective bargaining laws.

New businesses, manufacturing, etc. are moving to right to work states and setting up shop, employing lots of people and paying them fairly. These same employees enjoy a cost of living similar to Ohio, while earning more, with job security. Job security not from a union but from working hard and being compensated on performance.

Read. Understand. There is a reason states grow and states decline in population. Declining population, increasing retirees, decline in available jobs, increasing population on government assistance,less taxes being generated....sounds like Ohio.

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hurrdurr, please. People speed along Middletown Rd all the time, there is a reason the police sit near Calla Rd. If drivers would slow down and be aware horrible things like this would not happen. This gentlemen had every right to enjoy walking in his neighborhood and took the proper precautions to be very visible to traffic.

Recent law passed in Georgia:

* Text messaging banned for all drivers. Fines of $150.
* Drivers under the age of 18 prohibited from using cell phones, regardless of whether a hands-free device is attached. Also bans computer use. Fines of $150.
* School bus operators prohibited from using cell phones while driving, if passengers are present.

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Thank you Vindy for setting some guidelines and standards.

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Flag rule raises dispute

Does the Board verify the Catholic church you are affiliated with prior to burial?

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