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Former AG says the Ohio inspector general has a ‘clear bias’ against him

From another Ohio publication today:

"He [Dann, the man] specifically defended the payments his transition committee made to his wife and her business, saying those payment covered small gifts given to supporters at the time of his inauguration.

He said he opted to use his wife's company as a supplier because it was able to secure wholesale rates on the gifs, which included jams and jellies.

'We will prove that there were no double billings, there was no self-enrichment that I was aware of,' he said. 'All my activity, and all the activity of members of my family were lawful at all times."

No self-enrichment that he was aware of? Why qualify your statement be suggesting that he may not have been aware of something? Pathetic.

Was Danny-boy aware of his office's sexual harassment policy? Was he aware that slepping with the help is a sin?

At a time when Marcy-Marc could have kept his head down, his strategy is to attack the integrity and judgment of the inspector general. On what moral high ground can he stand? On what record of good judgment does he rely on?

And we are looking at the inaurgural committee donors and the contracts that may received from Dann?

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Dann refutes inspector general’s report

Has his wife divorced him yet?

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Cliff Arnebec speaks to reporters

Wow. Marc does have a friend that he is no related to by blood or marriage. Why not aim big and threaten to take the impeachment (and it's coming, baby) to the US Supreme Court? Let's keep judging Danny Boy by the company he keeps--like this conspiracy theorist!

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Fallout for Dann: Problems continue 7 probes discussed; GOP adds fuel to fire

Marc Dann defiantly remains. His mind is made up, and his local paper has given him a very generous opportunity. There are only three things that will convine him to leave the office.
First, his wife demands it. She supposedly has known about the affair with an employee for months. She hasn't put her foot down yet. Why now?
Second, the drip-drip-drip of multiple external reviews of his office. Each and every investigator will need to find something. Perhaps after being completely drained of blood Dann will finally give up. So much for a good D election year in Ohio. Thanks, Marc.
Third, the head of the Party, Ted Strickland, could demand a resignation in order to restore trust in the office. Ted took the first step on Friday (double standard) Option No. 3 gets rid of Dann the quickest and cleanest.
Is there the courage and moral clarity to make it so?

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