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We’re helping the enemy

Was your behavior before you were a born again Christian not an abomination and an effrontery before our Lord? You can't use not being a Christian as an excuse for adultery and drunkenness and greed. We are all instilled with morals! If this is the only thing this girl does wrong her parents have done well. A child needs to find their own voice even if we don't always agree. Ours is not to judge, she may "grow" to be a great Christian. This is where sowing seeds comes in. Think about the seeds you are sowing when all you spew is venomous words at people who don't think just like you.

December 3, 2009 at 2:59 p.m. suggest removal

We’re helping the enemy

Everybody has the right to their own beliefs. You can not convince everyone to see things your way. You seem to think that your opinion is always right, and it isn't. What about all your lies and all your sins? Especially greed, you seem to be an expert at that. God believes in acceptance. You don't accept people and quite frankly it disgusts me. Nobody wants to be like you, and be laughed at for the way you act and the things you say to people. You consider yourself a christian, but in no way act like it.

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