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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

I love that line "make america hate again." who has brought America more hate than Obama and his fellow demoncrats. Look at what's happening in the world. Milwaukee, Missouri, Chicago, Florida just a few examples. The Democratic policies have failed so badly we have angry 6th generation welfare recipients who have nothing better to do than terrorize the very businesses in their own communities. Isis? That is junior varsity. We can't control our own people right here.

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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

Well Bertram, You've got to admit national security is obviously very important and you can't work if your not alive to do it. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed under the Democratic plans anyway so anybody thinking that it's going to change under cabbage patch woman is sadly mistaken, it will be more of the same.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

If Don believes he can write any policy he wishes without congressional approval, wouldn't he be doing exactly what our boy Barrack has been doing since he took office. If Barrack can be President, come on people, anybody can do it.

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Supply issue suspends Saturday shift at Lordstown

General motors workers better shape up. I've heard from several reliable sources that getting a lot of them to do a full days work is like pulling teeth. They have talked many years of picking up that plant and moving it elsewhere. If I worked there and wanted to continue working there I'd be doing whatever I had to do to show I wanted to be there. Too many people believe that someone owes you a job, not true. We live in a land of entitlements and wonder why jobs leave for other areas. Not too hard to figure it out.

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There are jobs galore in Ohio

One thing is for sure , we've had 8 years now of Democratic rule and you can see the economic condition of the valley. If they could have done anything to help us here, I believe they would have. There will be nothing different with Hillary at the helm so get ready to be totally disgusted with the additional promises and lies. We may have seen the last of Hillary at East High School, she won't be around for sure if she gets to be President.

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Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world

If Hillary takes care of the safety of Americans the way she took care of those poor devils in Benghazi were really screwed. This woman shouldn't be in charge of a lemonade stand let alone thew country. To her credit, she's an excellent liar. Not quite as good as her husband Bill but lets face it, he was a professional liar, she's an apprentice compared to him but she'll get there.

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Liberty, Girard to issue fines as speed camera warning period ends

Girard gave out 2200 warnings, I think they'll find plenty of speeders when they issue actual tickets.

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Trump backed in Navy town despite attack on Khan family

When those Americans in Benghazi were screaming for help Hillary Clinton ignored most likely because she had no idea what to do. Either way what she failed to do cost some Americans their lives. If I was in the military, I don't understand why anyone in the military would want to back this woman to be our next President. There are a couple incidents where you can draw a direct line from hillary's incompetence to someones death. How many people do we not even know about were killed or injured because of her?

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PRESIDENTIAL RACE | Trump faces fresh GOP pushback despite bid to reset campaign

It's a shame that in America honesty and integrity doesn't matter for the highest office of the land. It says alot about where our morality is. Theres got to be a better system or better candidates on both sides it's just incredible. America deserves exactly what its gonna get.

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