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Canfield levy must pass to avoid more cuts

Not until the district gets new Administration should ANY levy be passed! Canfield is not currently in deficit spending. And to the BOE & Administration--don't you dare start to blame the public for failing to pass the levy this fall. It's your job to manage this district regardless of the budget restraints. In any other sector of business you all would be fired for stupidity! If the passing of this levy was so dire last November, why didn't you organize town hall meetings then, why didn't you have the Vindicator print articles like this one, why didn't you outline the specifics? You didn't do it, because you didn't really need the money. In fact, in 2010 and at the same time you decided to ask for this 6.8mil, the teachers received a 2%INCREASE in pay, the 2 high school prinicpals each received RAISES of over $7,000 each, you still weren't managing the busing situation properly. Oh, and let's not forget the famous Chinese language program that was implemented at CVMS that you had no action plan to maintain. That little exploration cost the tax payers over $16K plus you wasted the time of the middle school students. If you had $16K you should have put it into math or science for ALL students. HELL NOOOO TO ANY LEVY!! Get some top notch, qualified administrators who have a clear vision for this district and I'll give you 6.8mil PLUS!

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