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Bicyclist hit by car and killed on Midlothian Boulevard

OK, I am an idiot, and got fired up and misread the article. The bicyclist was not westbound but was in the westbound lane so if going against traffic would have been eastbound. It is still never advisable to go against traffic and even more tragic with a sidewalk right there.

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Bicyclist hit by car and killed on Midlothian Boulevard

Speaking as a bicyclist who has passed through this section of road many times; the deceased chose the worst possible way to go. The poster who claims driving into traffic (westbound in the eastbound lanes) is somehow safer is insanely wrong. Think about this; the biker chose to go westbound against two lanes of oncoming Midlothian traffic at a location where cars are crossing lanes back and forth to get to or from the I680 ramp lane, which includes oncoming merging traffic fresh off 680 that does not have to stop! On the other hand going with traffic on the eastbound Midlothian has no ramp lane and there is no merging or crazy lane changing since the ramps are far apart and the off ramp traffic is required to stop before turning right. There's always the option to walk your bike off road until reaching a safer location. Just use common sense folks, obey the traffic laws and avoid a tragedy. The elderly woman may well have made a mistake that contributed the to accident, but this guy's bad decision is probably 90% of the reason he is dead.

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Three Mill Creek Park lakes closed

This problem is not unique to Youngstown and it is not due to any problem with the sewage plant in Boardman. This is a collection system problem where storm water and sewage flows are combined into the same sewers. This was common practice years ago. These combined sewers overflow during high rainfall events. To correct the problem is a multi-billion dollar problem regionally.

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

I was at Cedars Friday night and had a great time. I have been going there since the '80's. I go only a handful of times a year now. I'll miss it. It is a special place, but won't shed any tears. All things must pass. The building was underutilized so naturally the family could not afford the upkeep with only the bar making money in an otherwise empty building. As another poster pointed out, it would have been forced to close in a few years anyway due to maintenance issues. I believe it. Now with the sale of the building they no longer facing the massive repair bills or building closure that probably would have ended Cedars forever. Maybe they can relocate to another space downtown; that would be the only way to maintain the integrity of what Cedars was all about.

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Long, successful day for area hunters on beginning of Ohio deer-gun season

Hunting deer in season is legal; hunting dogs is not. Dogs are domesticated animals with a unique relationship to people going back thousands of years. Most importantly, those disturbed individuals who severly abuse animals are very likely to also abuse people.

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Protests unfurl over display of flag at Allen's office

he has every right to be a douche bag

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Attack on Paterno is unfair

Lena has written a letter filled with assumptions about a man she obviosuly has never met or even studied. She simply has no clue what she is saying. Several men of great stature and power, one being Paterno, let a pedophile go on raping on campus rather than risk the university's (and their own) reputations.

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Paterno fires back in letter

Paterno had the power to stop a pedophile and did nothing. Instead of living up to the high ideals he preached, chose to protect his own reputarion and the reputation of his university. That is now his sad legacy; as an enabler of a pedophile. Sad that a lifetime of good works will forever be overshadowed by a terrible self serving decision.

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Report: Penn State disregarded children's welfare

Hubres you are a disgrace to imply it is the parents fault but let Paterno off the hook because of the good things he did elsewhere in his life. Typical response from of a sycophant. Realize that most of the victims were too ashamed to tell anyone what happened. JoePa may have done much good in his life, but his huge mistake of ego allowed some innocent kids to be raped and that is indefensible. This is a lesson to us all about the abuse of power and avoiding the temptation to look the other way rather than take the hard road. Would Joe have ever allowed any of his players to make up lame excuses or take the easy way out? I doubt it.

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Should George Zimmerman be charged in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin?

The artical says arest not conviction. If there is probable cause then issue an arrest warrant. All the facts don't come out until later, like during an crimianl investigation and/or court proceedings. Saying 'wait until we have all the facts' just to make an arrest is nonsense.

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