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Rookie QB 3 of 9 as Browns beat Lions on late FG

calm down, it's preseason

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Obama’s new view on gays doesn’t faze many black voters

Mr. Obama your views on gays doesn't faze me. You have my vote!

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Youngstown cops track leads in murder on N. Side

Good post cityslicker!

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Space shuttle Discovery makes final takeoff

Yes, just saw it fly over the monuments twice here in DC then head out to Dulles. What a amazing sight.

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Idora historian revives memories of Youngstown’s amusement park

I love the bumper cars, where you can rear end someone, legally.

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Don Cornelius shoots self to death

What a afro he had during his time.

Thanks for the memories.

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U.S. women stun Brazil in World Cup

Way to go, USA.

The Germans booed Marta, lol.

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Mooney and Struthers ready for rematch

Sounds like the gym will be hot when these two meet Monday. Wish I could go to see the game and the fan antics.

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