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Christie: Expect ‘mean’ Obama

Ohio Voters have more sense than to believe Romney is the answer. He doesn't know what he believes in. He says whatever he has to, depending on who he’s talking to and where he is, to get votes then attempts to explain it away by saying he “misspoke”, “wasn't as clear as he should have been” or simply “it was a mistake”. A man that compares a women's decision making about insurance coverage (if it does or does not cover contraceptives) to a 'painting the car' decision; that does not get the reality of mathematics, that believes 47% of the people are moochers and the other 53% are stupid (as evidenced by his flip-flopping, childish condescending explanations and thinking he can get elected without telling voters what his plans are for us and the country), insulting other countries, making statements that sound like war threats (not statements of our Nations strength and determination for preservation of our freedom and rights) etc., etc.: just does not seem like a person Ohio voters (or any other state) would want to elect. Obama has run into brick walls built by bullheadedness. We elected him with and for the hope of change. Change that he can NOT do by himself. We, the voters, are the ones that have the power to make the change in Washington. (Remember, there’s this little document gives us that power. It goes like this: “We, the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…” ) VOTE! Give President Obama more time to get us further out of this enormous mess that took eight years to make. VOTE! Help him by voting out the bull-headed change blockers.

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