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Ohio AG: "We'll be taking a look at" Queen of Hearts

Maybe the big question is : who is watching the government that is doing the watching? Seems that money always just disappears when it comes to helping the citizens, but always in the budget to form a committee to oversight what they want to look at and never enough to do what they are expected to accomplish as in state education funding that was ruled unconstitutional 10 yrs ago, but nothing done.

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Youngstown cops out 2 days this week on speeding citation duty

The vindy article is incorrect, if it were correct there would be NO argument.
It is NOT the speeders that are given the citation, it is the vehicle's owner by license association that receives the citation. The government's responsibility has to prove that you (a person ) are guilty of speeding and not just association by owning a vehicle. Has been proven by state supreme courts in other state's rulings . YOUR rights are being violated by money grab, demand trial by jury and set the city backlog for their $100 fine and costs.

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YPD training gives drivers break from speed gun

"Fehr’s payments would come from the money collected from those who pay fines from the citations, and not be dependent on his rulings", said city Law Director Martin Hume.
TYPICAL lawyer double talk speech!

DOES that statement hold true if everyone demands a hearing? Better yet,, demand trial by jury, then who pays?

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Ohio House set to confirm Boccieri as state rep

David Betras said Boccieri “is an excellent choice to replace Ron Gerberry. - PERFECT statement. A convicted loser being replaced by a loser, voted by people, in 2010. NOTHING ever changes !

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Questions remain surrounding legality of Queen of Hearts

As usual, get the government involved so they get in control, and guaranteed failure as everything else they attempt.
Nothing can be left to the public without oversight by the biggest spenders and thieves (government), but that is OK! If there are no controls over this form of people enjoyment, and the masses support it, then leave well enough alone, stop having the government having their hands in everyday lives.

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Youngstown police averaging about 100 speeding citations a day

I have stated this before, but get the word out now that the photos are taken from the back because of the license location. Photos of the vehicle license do not constitute the driver, tickets sent to the owner are not a guilt of wrong doing on part of the owner. Owners are NOT a policing force and are not required by law to investigate who may have been driving at the time of the photo. This has already been tested and won forcing removal of traffic cams.

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Youngstown cops zap 1,000 speeders in 12 days

If the camera only has the license plate and not the driver as was the original proposal explained, the Florida supreme court has ruled that the vehicle plate does not constitute the driver and the owner is not a policing force that has to divulge any information about possible drivers that may have used the vehicle. With the amount of citations being issued vs the safety issue, it only shows that a money grab is being initiated. POLICE are to serve and protect, IF this large amount of money is going to be collected by fines, time to start a tax revolt and lower city income tax rates especially since this not a money grab as the mayor proclaims

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Canfield to address pit bull ban at Sept. 9 city council meeting

“If you want to have a pet, it’s your responsibility,” - does that statement relate to "the ordinance is in violation of state law." which should have been addressed by council when the state law was passed, that is their responsibility. Now a family is without a pet that they desired, but had to give up because of government incompetency.

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Trump jolts first debate as rivals vie for attention

Time for the public to take note: congressional approval is only at 19%. The current politicians have been in office for years, everyone complains, they do nothing, but vote the same losers back into office. It will not be " THE DONALD" that splits the vote, it will be the voters. If you are sick of the way things are, and it will be under democratic regime" then as default you will have to vote for TRUMP as he said "may run independent" or the Democrats win for sure!! GREAT MOVE DONALD! And the rest of the doubters as he said, are too dumb to see it!

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YPD shows off new traffic cameras

The same method used in Youngstown was being used in Florida. The Florida supreme court ruled that pictures of a license plate DOES NOT justify guilty assumption of the owner / driver of a vehicle. Private citizens are NOT a policing force, so if someone borrows your vehicle and violates the law, and you own the vehicle and get cited, the burden of proof to convict goes on the government, and you do not have to testify as to who was driving at the time of the violation, as you are not a witness.

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