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Senior levy is a win-win for all, backers say

As already stated, just another tax and bureaucratic establishment that money funnels through government and disappears. Government waste is at an all time high, and the demand for more funds never end. Want to help the seniors, lower property taxes or make it tax free and they can afford to pay for assistance instead of paying out more and then finding the services are not adequate to meet their needs, so they pay twice with the government taking the money out as it passes through. IF government likes it, it benefits them ,and never the tax payer

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Bill would allow vets to carry guns without additional training

Being a veteran and a certification as a NUCLEAR WEAPONS security guard should account for something in the private sector. It has been a long time since the government decided to show appreciation for those of us that stand up and train to defend our country even if it is a small token of gratitude, it is something other than just forgetting the time served.

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Youngstown issued 1,196 citations in January; collection rate only 17 percent

Citations are given only to motorists caught by the cameras - is incorrect. they are given to a registered owner of the vehicle. USE your rights and demand trial by jury, it is the city that has to prove who was driving, let that figure into the cost of issuing tickets and collections.

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State test results show the good and bad of Valley school performance

Lead by example, time to evaluate those that do the evaluating. Start with state government oversight. School funding would sound like a topic that was to be addressed but never happened by those that are paid to make decisions. Getting a better education in this area, does that sound like it will happen? Most employers will train for the desired position and knowing past history or politics is NOT one of the criteria. If the federal guidelines get their way, $15/ hr will become the minimum. The true smart ones of today learn how to work the system and earn nothing and make the most of all of the entitlements that have better care than those of us that work and live pay to pay.

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Youngstown issues 4,000-plus speeding citations in less than 3 months

OBVIOUSLY you don't understand the point! The driver is NOT ticketed, it is the vehicle owner whether you are driving is something the state has to prove for you to be guilty. WAKE up , it is just another city cash income that the government will never end at a chance to take more money from the public taxpayer! You will find that out when you are paying, and you weren't even there!

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Youngstown issues 4,000-plus speeding citations in less than 3 months

already proven in court:
The basic operation problem is that handheld laser speed guns must take two separate measurements of distance to generate a speed estimate. If, while taking a speed reading, an officer's hand twitches slightly, the laser beam can "slip" from one portion of a vehicle to another. The extra distance measured in the second reading is then added to the calculation that determines the speed readout. For example, if the speed gun's aim point slips from the windshield to the grill, the speed reading will read 8 MPH too high

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Canfield trustees told $11K must be returned

Concerning the lodging tax, OHIO law states that the residence must be rented to " transient guests " which means part time residence, has nothing to do with how often the money is collected. The article states the rental has been ongoing for 1 family. Nice try, but as usual:
Government intervenes and thinks it is always in their favor to collect money whether it is due or not, and this time it is not!

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Youngstown hearings on speed citations to begin Nov. 18

What part of SPEEDERS is it that the vindicator articles don't understand? Speeders are drivers, license plate numbers are vehicles. The arresting officers have to identify the speeder to prove guilt and have a fine. The owner does not have to identify who may have been driving at the time of the infraction as private citizens are not a policing agency. EVERYONG should demand trial by jury it is your right! Let the city finance that since they have the extra money from those that pay the fine.

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Youngstown schools levy renewal on November ballot

Say what? The article states that without the levy the district would lose $20 m over 4 years, but with the levy it would generate a surplus of $25m by 2020. In other words,, give us the money and we can find a place to spend it. The state demands a takeover, give it to them, NO MONEY, NO TAX, and let the outsider figure out what to do, Inform REINHARD, the UP side of voting against the levy will be: $50,000 home $164 per year back in the taxpayers pocket.

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Close to 1,200 motorists cited for speeding have paid about $150,000 in fees

It only takes 1 of the 64 that filed for appeal to show the government thieves that a person is not guilty by association as the car owner and not the driver that was doing the speeding.
The government has the burden of proof that has to be met to prove who was driving! Your rights also include trial by jury, that effort alone costs the city. The city has officers to send out on this money collection ,,and want to proclaim a new stream of income, time to vote NO on tax issues, they are receiving extra income from fines, so lower the taxes!! No one from government addresses that, it is just another grab and the money will disappear as usual.

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