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Republican Donald Trump stretched the truth during his Youngstown speech

Trump's statement is true according to the Jerusalem Post newspaper from Israel. the quote is:
"ISIS is Islamic Traitor Obamas legacy!" They continue on to make accounts of where the AMERICANS are being pushed back and when they retreat are leaving their military equipment behind for Isis and the Taliban to rearm using American weapons. The general in charge says that he does not have the force required to stop ISIS advance so when he retreats, he leaves equipment to save lives.Obama is not suppling the force or men to keep areas safe so essentially he is aiding the enemy with our weapons. The answer is to supply force enough to either take over the battle or leave,, either way,,, his current path is an illusion that he thinks he has control

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Ohio Dem Party chair pens novel about Vindy reporter who uncovers national political scandal

This is just an example of government corruption by both parties as should have been pointed out. Clintons have been at the lead of scandal but do not get indicted because of political corruption and cover-up. The author points to republican corruption hindering Dem. chances, but the reality is : "it's a 2 way street, both parties are corrupt and in it for themselves

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New traffic circle to be designed for Five Points

Would it be reasonable to consider the major problem is at rush hours, other than that, traffic flows. Maybe the slogan," serve and protect " should be used where an already paid at no extra cost, police officer duty from the districts involved, appointed at rush hour to keep traffic flowing mainly on Western Reserve with the few influx from the other roads. I can't imagine that officers are all busy at that time of day and the couple of hours would save major expense and do a better job than just merging traffic with NO controls

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Candywood preserve to allow hunters to kill animals for money

What kind of civilized society breeds animals just to have them killed . hmmmm, check the meat department at any grocery store. Not that I approve of this method, but I don't hunt, but it is not my sport, but the killing of animals has been going on for centuries and now a few that oppose the method want to disrupt those that do because they don't like it. Thousands of hunting licenses issued every year, but now they have a problem, it is legal by law, get over it!

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Resident: Canfield needs to protect historical culture

I understand Woomer's position, but great news, PITZULO says she can have it, just move it and with her believing that it will not cost that much to repair, all the better, so what is the problem? AS usual, someone else wants things done as long as they don't have to pay when items are not worth the value to repair.

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Campbell City Council reviews ordinances to set fees

NEVER enough! Campbell already receives 2 1/4 % income tax from every income, whenever anyone in the county gets extra money ( pay raise, lottery ) they automatically get a raise in income. Now let council double home fees to collect and waste more money.

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Mahoning Co. sees 1K Dems defect to GOP

Notice how the big money "PAC" are spending millions to help RUBIO. Does anyone really believe these super rich really care about the people? They see a puppet they can control . TRUMP cannot be bought, his ideas now resonate throughout the GOP about immigration, fences, health care. The GOP is desperate, they are loosing control. As far as HILLARY, TRUMP hasn't even started attacks on her. CON man maybe, but if that's what it takes to win these deals with foreign countries, get jobs back, then I am all for it.

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Ohio state officials to parents: Ignore school test results

What would one expect, another GOV. process ends in failure, now that's a surprise. All the input of the PARCC test discontinued, disproportionate and misleading scores from OHIO education and the controllers keep trying to get it right. Government at all levels are failing miserable, their only answer is they need more money. Education starts at the top, and with federal gov. passing $19 T in debt, congressional approval below 19%,, state gov cannot get school financing figured out but can afford $4m helicopters to play with, local communities continue to need more money, the schools are underfunded. EVERY hand is out collecting more and have less results!

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senior levy facts

I am one of the Mahoning CO. seniors that live on social security. I have saved all my life to have a nice home and now the government wants to increase my TAXES to help others of my age. The government wants to help seniors of Mahoning county, remove the property tax and let them keep their money instead of paying a pvt. company to disperse the funds at 75% to being dispersed by the NILES company.

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senior levy facts

Great, the supervising agency is in NILES, just where the taxpayers need to send their money, to a city that is under STATE GOVERNMENT fiscal watch because of the overspending and trying to dig out of their hole. Give them another $4M and see if they can go through that by over spending and money disappearing. Why would MAHONING COUNTY residences be sending their money to TRUMBULL county where they have control, I can't believe Mahoning County Commissioners even consider it. Wake up taxpayers, this is another taxpayer rip off by GOVERNMENT that seems to never have enough.

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