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Kerry: Navy ship could have fired on Russian planes

They were auditioning for the Blue Angels!

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Candywood preserve to allow hunters to kill animals for money

THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!! Why don't they just let the hunters have at it in the zoo! Sounds like the same thing to me!

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Youngstown homeowner shoots suspected burglar


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Hagan’s wife to seek his seat

I agree with Flick. PLEASE......someone else run for this position!

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Boardman High’s concert to feature holiday selections

Please go see this concert. If the Boardman Board of Education has its way you might not see this caliber of music again in the Boardman School District. I say this because there are plans being made to change scheduling in the middle schools. The board wants to decrease the number of periods from 8 to 6. This is so they can create intervention time for students who need extra help. I am all for helping struggling students. But you don't make other cuts to fabulous programs to achieve that goal. You don't rob Peter to pay Paul. Boardman has an outstanding music program. That includes Orchestra, Band, and Chorus. And that's not all folks. I was surprised to hear the teachers speak at the Nov. board meeting and they weren't happy at all! It seems they had very little input, had the plan presented to them and when they wanted questions answered they were told to see their principals! Don't let the board do this. Once they take away classes, you won't see them come back. Call Mr. Ebie at 330-726-3400 or Mr. Alvino at 330-726-3414 to voice your opinion and try to get your questions answered.

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Warren Philharmonic strikes classical chord for local youths

Bravo to you Warren Philharmonic Orchestra. Keep up the good work. You can never have too much music. Outstanding music programs need to be cherished and encouraged, like the Boardman music program. Everyone knows that Boardman has an outstanding music program. Well, the Boardman Board of Education has almost made up its mind to sacrifice the music program in order to increase instruction time at the middle schools. Here is the plan. They want band for 7th and 8th grade to be taught 3 days a week instead of 5 days. Jazz at Center Middle School will be TOTALLY ELIMINATED. And let me add, that if you have never seen a jazz concert at BHS you are missing out on a great time. And did you know that one of the jazz ensembles from BHS recently played at Trump Tower in NYC? Wake up people. Don't let the middle school principals and the board of education destroy the music program in Boardman. I had a family physician tell me that she wished she would have known Boardman was the only school district that had an orchestra program before she sent her kids to Canfield. When I moved here I thought all the high schools had an orchestra program. Wrong. Families move to Boardman because of our OUTSTANDING MUSIC PROGRAM! If you are as outraged as I am about this situation come to Center Middle School at 7:30 tonight and show your support for the music program at the Board of Education meeting. Remember the old saying, "IF IT AIN't BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!"

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Meeting with Miley Cyrus embellishes Struthers’ girl's wish

God bless anyone who had anything to do with this wonderful gift to Suzie.

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Robber takes cash, hurts Taco Bell manager

It's too bad there wasn't a policeman around to shoot the S O B.

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