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Man faces charges in beating of toddler

I am originally from the Steubenville, Ohio area but moved to Virginia Beach, Va. years ago. We have this same problem down here. It is all over the United States. It is not only the Mothers having losers for boyfriends but also the Mother starving the child. We have a very transcent area here because of the military. We have had a father go to sea for 3 wks and then come home to his twins dying and he says he knows nothing about it. The twins were slowly dying while he played video games weeks before and his wife didnt feed the children. The courts need to be stricter on letting these excons out and the mothers need to take care of their children. There is nothing closer than a mother and her child. Stop producing if you cannot take care of a child that did not ask to be in this world. Both mother and boyfriend should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The judicial system gives more rights to the guilty than to the innocent.

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