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Trump responds to criticism over fallen U.S. Muslim soldier

Well said YtownParent. Just for once I would like to see Mr. Trump apologize for his inappropriate behavior. What I'd really like to see is for him to change his behavior and act like a man and a leader instead of a schoolyard bully. I don't suppose that will ever happen though because in his mind he is always right and he AND ONLY HE can fix all our problems. So fast. Believe me. He knows more than anyone.

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Clinton: Trump unqualified to be president

So what if it was Chapter 11, he still stiffed his creditors. He's so big about telling us how successful he is, how much money he makes, how many people he employs but a whose expense does his success come?? All those who he put out of work, and those he didn't pay back what he borrowed.

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‘Are you having fun?’

Amen to that!

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Trump will be Trump

Well said YtownParent, I couldn't agree with you more. Very sad that these are the choices we have. Republican party has let me down, don't know if/how I will vote. Sickening.

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Mill Creek finalizes severance agreements with nondisparagement clauses

I'd say they got terrible advice from those two law firms and the HR consulting firm. This is a terrible way to treat employees. Young has no leadership skills whatsoever. He needs to go. Soon.

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Trump chides Clinton over husband’s infidelities

Isn't this the same guy that cheated on two of his wives? And that continually attacks women like Meagan Kelly, Rosie O'Donnell, Carly Fiorina? And says women who have abortions should be punished? He's nothing more than a sexist bully.

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Trump’s presidential bid built on political slogans

He ought to start by fining his own companies and Ivanka's for all the jobs they've shipped oversees. It's all made in China.

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Chief union steward terminated at Trumbull engineer’s office

Don't know the facts here and whether or not the termination was justified, but If this turns out like most similar situations in this area, it will just be a paid vacation for him. He'll file an appeal/lawsuit or whatever and they'll have to either take him back or settle by paying him off big time.

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Schulick to resign Mill Creek MetroParks board seat

I wouldn't describe the current director as being the type of "good people" for a leadership position. Leaders inspire workers not degrade them. They know how important it is to an organization to treat its employees properly. Yes, they do have to make unpopular decisions at times, but the current director clearly does not know how to carry those out properly. He needs to go, the sooner the better for our community.

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Yavorcik gets 5 years of probation; even he's surprised

Disgusting beyond belief.

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