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New detox facility opens in Austintown

Ditto, Ambulance.

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Dellick hearing continued to Jan. 6

Gee... Now we have a local case of "affluenza". Kids like this one used to be known as spoiled brats!

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Woman in Kaluza case takes appeal to state high court

No leniency for these vile people! Where does Mr. Kaluza go to appeal what happened to him?

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South Side dog attack puts mail carrier in hospital

I agree completely with Papa. My compassion regarding this story rests solely with the small missing dog than with Bakersfield's missing man. This dangerous, abusive Sanders can go back to California or the infinitely hotter place for all I care! He may be ABSENT from Bakersfield, but I'll bet no one there MISSES him!

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This fest is Italian, but not completely

Anothermike, I agree. It's great to have all of these fests in downtown Youngstown, but the real ethnic celebrations happen at the fests put on by the churches. I'm Italian and I go to the St Demetrios Greek Fest in Warren twice each year!

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New Ohio rules on puppy mills call for roomy cages

@123goz: Great comment!
Dept of Agriculture did not go far enough by just putting a band-aid on this problem. For how many more years do we have to wait for a solution? Shut these places down now!

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Cardinal tweets? Adopt-a cardinal? Papel election creating virtual history

Ooops! Misspelling in headline. It's "papal", not "papel".

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Choffin students aim to provide holiday cheer for homeless pets

Dear Ulistenup,

Gee, I think I like you! It's nice to see what folks who on the surface disagree can accomplish with open talk, open ears, and open HEARTS. Think someone would send us to Washington to work with the folks in congress?

There are probably service projects on which we actually agree! Considering that we both cited the beatitudes from "The Sermon on the Mount", maybe we each could send a $5 check to Beatitude House in care of the Ursuline Motherhouse on Shields Road.

This exchange was really rewarding for me. No politics, name calling or high blood pressure... just a willingness to be open to each other's point of view.

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Choffin students aim to provide holiday cheer for homeless pets

Dear Ulisten,

Perhaps you misunderstood my comment. I did not lump humans with other animals, subordinate our species to any other, or say that everything is equal. When did advocating and appreciating a general spirit of gentleness and compassion become "a perversion of values"?

I, too, am familiar with "The Sermon on the Mount" and its blessings for the meek, the merciful, the peacemakers, and the pure in heart among others. You have the opportunity to be merciful if you try accept that I am pure in heart. In meekness and without rancor we can respect each other and move ahead as peacemakers to soothe the harshness of the world wherever we find it.

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Choffin students aim to provide holiday cheer for homeless pets

College credits are earned through the biotechnology programs, not the community service program to assist the animals.

It is very likely that the students and teachers try to help hungry and homeless people through individual efforts outside of school such as monetry donations and volunteer time offered to charities.

Any act of compassion offered to any species makes the world a more gentle and habitable place.

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