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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

i never said what i paid for my home. i said what its currently worth now. 150k now. if it where in canfireld or boardman easily 500k. read it fool. replacement cost is 440k....hmmm....interesting that the replacement cost is almost 3 x's its value. and i never said what i would sell it for either. the point is my property taxes doubled in the last 2 years...have yours ??? didnt think so. i know it all dont go for the schools. it also goes to the libraries and mill creek park that i also cant enjoy without bringing a gun with me. the only reason why ycs has "challenging students" is cause they are either all cracked up or all beat up. the teachers are afraid of the kids there. i personally know 2 teachers there and they are scared to say anything to those kids. and i cant see how you can say other schools never claimed to do a better job...oh wait...they dont have to take claim...the tests and the state says it for them. i may not be the smartest guy in the world but if you want to compare then you are going to lose all day long. there is no comparrison. special talents...clarett....hmmmm...isnt he in jail....just like most will be. its not only the schools ... its the upbringing and something that most parents in ysc lack....its called pride. proud of your child....not mad because hes about to turn 18 and you cant collect welfare off him anymore....they teach there kids this and thats the bottom line

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

and just for the home would be worth 500,000 if it was anywhere but unfortunately its connected to ytown and there school system. which makes my property worth about 150 at best. i would gladly pay thousands more for taxes just to say i am not affiliated with ytown. face it man...ytown is a waste....period. and yes i knew the kids would go to ycs but i also knew i could get them into open enrollment. all we are asking for is just due....give us our rights back and let us go where we belong. i would be more than happy to belong to ycs if they had the ability to teach and PROTECT OUR CHILDREN but the facts are they cant..period. you must not have any kids...and if you do...good luck. they will move out as soon as they can. if they are smart they will but i doubt it if they are going to ycs. they will learn how to fight, steal, drugs, sell drugs and spend there summer nights getting rear ended in county jail. but each his own ... good luck with that !!!

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

realist. i already stated its not about the money. my taxes doubled and i pay them but i would like to atleast say i live in a distict that isnt a disgusting joke. a disgrace to all surrounding areas. i went to flordia year ago and when i said i was from youngstown people practically ran and hid. its a stereo type that is true. very true. ycs is a waste of all our tax dolars. i dont care if my taxes triple. its all about the fact that ycs has absolutely nothing to offer any child except disgrace in there future. you obviously live in a hole or you would know this. its common knowledge across the country. if you want to get on with this then read all the posts. back in the 1950's lowellville went from 224 to 422. it was annexed to y-town and poland twp. it was suppose to be for the betterment and the future generations to prosper and grow. the problem is youngstown has declined while the surrounding area has grown and prospered. look at boardman. 1950 people never even heard of boardman. if ytown would have done something right then it would have grown instead of falling apart. ytown needs to give back the area to its rightful owner. after 60 years of screwing everyone thats the least they can do. now they want some of austintown boardman and already took some of girard. and dont give me the bull about jobs. thats a joke and very misrepresented. problem is the general public is not to smart. we owe ytown nothing. give back the land and its people to its rightful owners and the problem is solved. like i said...its not the money on our end but it is on ytowns end. money to teach our children absolutely nothing. wake up

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

now thats what im saying just better said .... god job disgustedjoker. i to pay 250 a month. i can rent a crack house in the heart of youngstown for that much. yeah i made the choice to live elsewhere and yeah i also made the choice to give my childen a shot at life outside a jail cell. if youngstown wants anyones respect from the surrunding communites then i strongly recommend firing every single person in the system and start with the board. i feel if you want to belong to the board of education then you should do it for free. i mean after all...i go to work everyday for free just about. im getting legally raped by youngstown. hire retired elderly people with morals and values and maybe you just might change the attitude of your students and the surrunding areas. after all is said and done......the parents are simply irresponsible and they are giving there children no chance as long as they are in the youngstown school district. start at the top and it can be changed for the good of the children...not for the glory of saying im on the board. shame on you all...they need to have a class on how to cope with depression and failure because thats all they learn in ycs. its a lost cause until the right people get in there. money has nothing to do with it. its the morale of the board and the teachers. good luck

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

oh yeah realist, spend your inheritance or what little you got saved for your children and donate then to the failing y-town school district. i can care less how much youngstown loses. they dont deserve 5 cents from anyone. you my friend probably are retired and on the homstead act or live in a retirement home or maybe just a plain old bum that doesnt have to keep absorbing youngstowns faulting school system. you probably dont pay a dime to anything. if you do.....them god bless you but dont sit there and tell us all about youngstown losing money. make the businesses take the hit instead of the residence all the time. sooner or later it will come to a head and just for the record if youngstown didnt sell there overdue property taxes to american tax funding they would have been a ghost town several years ago. wake up......they always take the easy road and just add it to the bill....sick of should be to !!!!!!

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

who cares about y-town schools. i sure as hell don't. once again...the cry me a river card. my children reside in coitsville and do attend lowellville and will continue to. as far y-town schools...demo the things..all of them. the money is a really disgraceful reason for the appeal...again !!!! you people in the surrounding areas need to shut the hell up ... your kids are getting a good education as long as there not in y-town schools. im paying them very hard earned tax dollars and they keep lining there pockets with it. its a principle thing and my children deserve the best education available. my property taxes almost doubled in the last 2 years. nothing in y-town schools is worth a penny of mine. this is beyond a joke....its a disgrace !! my property is worth nowhere near what they say it is these days but i will never see a decrease in my property taxes. between schools, mill creek park, libraries, and many many more ive had enough. i cant even pay my taxes with a check anymore. that tells me there is absolutely no trust in youngstown so why in the hell would i want my children in the bullet crack infested nothing but trouble school of y-town. parents are so uneducated they make me sick. you cant even have a conversation with them unless its about dope or stealing. we will break away and when we will never get coitsville in your mitts again except for trash talk. pres of y-town board of really need to learn to just shut your mouth. you my friend are making it worse. let the courts decide and stop threatening us with this i would appeal anyway.....threaten your students...oh cant.....they will shot your ass !!! chicken all talk useless waste of board member !!!!!!and we gotta pay you to boot...what a joke...go home and lock your doors and shut up !!!

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Ruling: Coitsville can leave district

just one more thing....put yourself in our shoes as coitsville residences for a second. just a second to see how stupid this really is looking from our side. now heres a good way of looking at it. i have a car for sale but its a piece of junk. dont even run half the time unless its from the cops.( that would be youngstown) the neighbor has a car like new. almost perfect. wants the same amount of money or even just alittle more. it will take me anywhere. and last me a lifetime. (EDUCATION DOES JUST THAT) it has way more to offer. like a/ its very safe and almost no problems other than minor little things.(this would be lowellville/hubbard) now which one would you rather have...hmmm...for all you uneducated people out there...the junk one has 22" rims and music in it. but for anyone with a brain and i mean anyone.....even ytown school board of education employees.....the choice is very simple. unless of course you need to stand out in the crowd and have a towing company, a lawyer, and a best friend who is a crack dealer on your speed dial. the parents need to get there kids outta there. open enrollment is FREE !!!! now theres something ytown is use to. go with it people. its free !!!!!! a free education and a diploma and a real sense of pride or a welfare card and cadillac that dont run and a place to call home .....JAIL !!!! now i know for some people this is a tough choice but i know you can figure this out with a pile of crack at your side, a qaurt of malt liqiour and your babies mama down the street making you money. come can do it. hmmmmm....maybe not. its a tough choice for a kid that grew up that way ........ what a shame !!!!

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Ruling: Coitsville can leave district

and on another note....stop playing the dam race card. give me a break. the ratio...what ratio ?????? im 48 and never once heard of a white to black ratio. grow up. this is 2010...not the 1800's. no, im not racist in anyway. i treat all as i would want to be treated. its called respect !!! something ytown should give coitsville and its residence. i gotta say that if this was over a race issue then lowellville would have back what was theres once. the government does it for every other reason so why not for the betterment of our children. oh yeah...who cares...right! someday there will be people starving and killing to survive..oh wait thats already in youngstown. thats a nice place to call home. the school systems have failed for several years in ytown. the teachers are afraid of the students. i would like to see a teacher walk down the street. yeah right...they wont for fear of being shot for passing out homework. come on people...wake up. take a stand for once. its not the schools..ITS THE UPBRINGING FROM THE PARENTS !!!!! look at it this way....can you teach a slug to talk...hmmm...guess not. well, if your laying around all day and teaching your kids the same thing and teaching them to beat someone up to take ther shoes then its the same thing. come on people...we all know what the real problems are and where they are. our children dont stand a chance in ytown schools. give it back and go cry to boardman or somewhere else. im so sick of everyone crying. grow up and take a stand. our poor forefathers are rolling over in there graves over todays society. here's a thy fellow neighbor !!!!! and not by stealing his belongings. say better yet...GET A EDUCATION. oh wait..thats to hard....that means teaching in school. cant have that in ytown. yes, im saying just that...grow up or shut up and give our kids a chance that your parents should have given you !!!

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Ruling: Coitsville can leave district

ok here's the deal. coitsville has been fighting for this for years but it always gets overturned. why ??? because ytown schools dont want to lose any money. people...WAKE UP !!! this isnt about the tax dollars...if that where the case you would be boycotting everything in america. this is about education..our future..our childrens future. i personally grew up in lowellville and now reside in coitsville. my children go to lowellville under open enrollment. they are involved in almost everything the school has to offer. ths would not be the case had they went to ytown schools. there is nothing to offer children in ytown. you cannot compare the quaility of there education. there is no comparrison...period. ytown is a failing school system. there is little to offer other than teaching your kids how to defend themselves. this is good for jail but not THERE FUTURE. once upon a time lowellville went from 224 to 422. yes people....lowellville. thats why alot of people have a 44436 zip code. it was annexed years ago for the betterment of the area suppossidly. well guess what....ITS TIME TO GIVE IT BACK FOR THE SAME REASON. face it....surrounding areas have way more stability and alot more to offer. the solution is simple...give it back and work on your own problems rather than creating more for good honest taxpayers. your hand has been out for decades ytown and always getting something for nothing. its time to give instead of take. you try to take austitown,boardman, took girard .... why dont you take campbell and help them out. oh cant help...point exactly. surrounding schools have surpassed the so called well educated ytown school system. its failing because to much time is spent on fighting rather than teaching. that goes for the whole area. ever wonder why you can go 10 miles in either direction and people seem to be nicer to you. hmmmm....theres a thought. back in the day youngstown in general was a great community and still is to a point but there are others out there to. LET US GO WHERE WE BELONG !!! give back what was ours to begin with unless of course you would rather teach your kids how to fight and survive in jail.....JUST SAYING !!!

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our forefathers taught disipline, respect, morals, values, and many many more things that built this country. they helped thy neighbor...not beat him up !!!! just for the wasnt all that long ago that lowellville went from 224 to 422. hence the 44436 zip code...dah !!! we didnt cry over the annexzation. we dealt with it. if this was any other issue...the state would demand that it be givin back to its rightful owners to begin with. that would be lowellville people !!!! its time you so called well educated people in the board of education let this issue go and give back what you shouldnt have in the first place. and as far as everything else goes...there's a word called...lets see... what is it...oh yeah....EDUCATION....something youngstown cannot give to our children. yes they can try but lets face yourself wouldnt walk the streets of youngstown for fear that one of your students might shot you just because you gave him homework. admit it....its true and you know it deep down. the real problem lies with the parents and you as a board member should see and do whats best for the children...not the dollars for you !!!! notice lowellville or hubbard says very little on this issue....why you ask...because there smart enough to not get involved and waste money and time. they would much rather spend that valuable time teaching....not crying about money !!! or race...there are several black children in lowellville school and they are treated with respect and are well educated. they are involved and learning that life isnt about color or tax dollars. i will say this to all people of all colors and races in youngstown...get your kids out of there and give them a chance at life. enter into open enrollment around the area then the ytown school district could poosible wake up or better longer exist and then maybe they could start over the right way.....teaching, not crying !!! to all you children out there i say to you...dont ask...demand it from your parents. tell them you want out. you deserve a education in school...not a education on how to survive in jail.....just saying

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