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goodoledays (anonymous) says...

its about time although it will get overturned as usual. i personally grew up in lowellville and live in coitsville with children that attend lowellville by the open enrollment program. i cant believe the garbage being said about this. first of all...youngstown....stop crying. how about giving someone else a piece of the pie !!!! its not all about youngstown all the time. come on people.....let other communities grow a little !!! what really gets me isnt the tax dollars but the racial card....AGAIN !!!!! THIS ISNT A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE...ITS ABOUT EDUCATION. im 48 and i have never ever heard of a white to black not against blacks im just sick and tired of hearing all this ratio garbage. enough said. now the real issue is education. my children have been involved in just about everything in lowellville schools. if they where in y-town..they wouldnt even have a chance at it for one and not to mention the security issues. the money problems. the fact that y-town is broke. i mean there are so many reasons why this is a good thing and none of why its not. the quality of education lowellville can give far exceeds y-towns. but still goes way beyond even that. its about pride and sense of security and being able to success in life with a good education which y-town cant give like lowellville can. not to say that ytown cant but who wants to be looking over there shoulder everytime there in study hall worrying about whos goin to hit them next or worse. the teachers are afraid of there students and the stundents have no respect for there teachers so in my opinion...this is not education...its more on the lines survival. sure..some make it with honors but look at that ratio....lowellville has a excellent rating verses hmmmmm....lets see....nothing...yep. sums it up to me. the bigger issue is parents....THE PARENTS THAT CHOOSE TO RELOCATE OR PUT THERE CHILDREN IN OPEN ENROLLMENT CARE ABOUT THERE CHILDRENS EDUCATION !!!! they want to see them better themselves not wonder who they can scam or beat up because they have nice shoes. its a fact that lowellville students have a better education...look at the stats and facts. oh...i forgot..that only applies to youngstown !!!! to those planning on appealing i say this....morals, pride, values, obligations to society, the right to educate our children and on and on.....not tax dollars and race issues. you people are suppose to be well educated but yet you say and do the stupidest of things in my opinion. step back and let our children grow...grow in self wealth...not in the youngstown schools..its just not there....sorry. never will be as long as you waste everyones tax dollars on fighting something like this for little if no reward !!! you may get the appeal and even win it but sooner or later you will lose this war because its about the children...not the tax dollars. people are learing real fast that our forefathers had the right idea.

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goodoledays (anonymous) says...

our forefathers taught disipline, respect, morals, values, and many many more things that built this country. they helped thy neighbor...not beat him up !!!! just for the wasnt all that long ago that lowellville went from 224 to 422. hence the 44436 zip code...dah !!! we didnt cry over the annexzation. we dealt with it. if this was any other issue...the state would demand that it be givin back to its rightful owners to begin with. that would be lowellville people !!!! its time you so called well educated people in the board of education let this issue go and give back what you shouldnt have in the first place. and as far as everything else goes...there's a word called...lets see... what is it...oh yeah....EDUCATION....something youngstown cannot give to our children. yes they can try but lets face yourself wouldnt walk the streets of youngstown for fear that one of your students might shot you just because you gave him homework. admit it....its true and you know it deep down. the real problem lies with the parents and you as a board member should see and do whats best for the children...not the dollars for you !!!! notice lowellville or hubbard says very little on this issue....why you ask...because there smart enough to not get involved and waste money and time. they would much rather spend that valuable time teaching....not crying about money !!! or race...there are several black children in lowellville school and they are treated with respect and are well educated. they are involved and learning that life isnt about color or tax dollars. i will say this to all people of all colors and races in youngstown...get your kids out of there and give them a chance at life. enter into open enrollment around the area then the ytown school district could poosible wake up or better longer exist and then maybe they could start over the right way.....teaching, not crying !!! to all you children out there i say to you...dont ask...demand it from your parents. tell them you want out. you deserve a education in school...not a education on how to survive in jail.....just saying

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