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Park board gets earful about geese euthanasia

Meetings like this attract the folks that are are against the issue at hand. The "anti's" are always more vocal than the other side. Believe me, the folks against the "thinning" are not in the majority.

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Poland Village considers measures to protect historic homes

Love the negativity there will! Failure of the past justifies no action to protect the future, eh?

July 4, 2014 at 8:33 a.m. suggest removal

Poland trustee accused of breaking into village electrical box

Since when DOESN'T the Village and Township get along. This is the first rift I've heard of, and it seems to be just a case of miscommunication.

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Should the state take over the operation of Youngstown’s schools?

It's apparent most know the problem. It's not the school, it's the students and their parents. Let's do a test. Take all the Youngstown students (from the worst graded school) and send them to South Range (the best). What's the result?

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Would you report suspected wrongdoing by your neighbors to authorities?

To not report severe child abuse that you are aware of makes you complicid in the harm that comes to the innocent.

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Do you agree with The Pentagon lifting its ban on women serving in combat?

When will people accept we are in the age where we are supposed to be equal in all things in the eyes of the law. It's taken me a long time to come to terms with that, especilly because we are not equal individually in our skills and abilitites. Next comes freedom of choice. Now that women are equal in the military, they now can choose to participate, or not. After all, it is a voluntary military system.

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EGCC prepares for health care law change

Same thing going on in local police forces who use part-time patrolers. Can't work them more that 30 hours. Municipalities will have to either hire more officers at less hours, or cut patrols. Obamacare strikes again.

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Should Jim Tressel be considered to become Youngstown State University’s next president?

Couldn't think of a better choice. However here come the tatoo jokes.

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Do you believe Youngstown officials will expand traffic cameras to parts of the city besides school zones?

This is like a poll question that would have been around in 1945... Do you think there will be TVs in every home eventually? Of course as time goes on more and more technology will be used to enforce laws, along with the creeping "big brother" attitude of government. Unfortunately most people want a nanny state to coddle us.

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Browns’ sights set on Kelly

I don't think Weeden can run a football game, period... let alone a spread.

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