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Although I agree that the picture for the article has been sensationalized, the facts of the article remain true. The twp of Liberty has been in a steady decline over the years regarding criminal activity, as most communities have. Unfortunately, crimes involving drugs have increased tremendously, and just a couple of years ago, a double homicide was committed. I commend the police department for their speed and expertise in solving that horrific crime, and I support measures to make our twp a safer place, which means supporting the upcoming police levy.
As an involved citizen, I also remember years ago when the fire dept. was in debt several hundred dollars. The genius of the trustees at that time was to penalize the police dept by upping their % of payment for the dispatch center to 75% and reducing the fire dept's to 10%. It seems that basically the police dept is only getting their money back.
Tisone has been a valuable leader in an organization that was rapidly declining under the previous leadership. Unlike a neighboring city where crimes, including murders, repeatedly go unsolved, eh-em Girard, our police department has made leaps and bounds proactively protecting our community. Hats off and a job well done! I am eagerly anticipating the new reserve program being implemented in our twp!

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