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Traficant attracts sell-out to dinner

Welcome home Congressman Jim Traficant.
Stan, your comments that you post alays seem to amaze me. you always give the readers facts. thank you.

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Youngstown aquaculturist says these shrimp are just the beginning

taxedoff, you forgot to add the part that ron is a slumlord. 99% of his houses are on bad sides of town and ran down. his firepearl company is operated buy the people who is on the ohio works firt program. so that means he get free labor, and not only that but he tells his free workes that if they want to make some cash then he got some work for them but then doesnt pay them. Ron is a scumbag slumlord.

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Commissioner Polivka jailed on domestic complaint

the wife was probably running off at the mouth and saying nasty things and he probably figured you know what, you want to talk a mean game and get nasty now im going to smack you. why wasnt she taken in for maby starting the fight. i mean no one just smacks people around for no reason at all. thats the problem with these ladies. they get to be nasty and everything else and then they cry boo hoo poor me.

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What would Traficant say?

woody, im sure if Jim was running the Trafficant center it wouldnt be in debt. the only people who is to blame for this is the people who aren,t bringing the shows in.

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What would Traficant say?

my post,s and support for BIG JIM IS AS FOLLOWS.
pg1 "story title" welcome home JIMBO.
pg2 " " good thing area wasnt on feds radar.
pg7" " do you like the name covelli centre
pg19" " patience now name of game for the centre.
pg20 " " hockey at the chevy centre.
"" "" " " still no chevrolet naming rights.
pg23 " " open arms for Trafficant.
pg25 " " will Trafficants address change Monday.

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What would Traficant say?

Jimbo, you said it best when you said that you were going to spend some time with family and friends and check out YOUR CONVOCATION CENTER. THAT is DAMN WELL RIGHT it is YOURS. you made this happen. you fought and fought for it. alot of times when i,d read a script about maby what the name should be or whatever i,d always post that the name on that building should read WELCOME TO THE TRAFFICANT CENTER.

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‘Welcome home Jimbo’ countdown

Jim does deserve a welcome home party. he has done much good for mahoning and trumbull couny. Who do u think you can thank for the Trafficant centre? opps, i mean the chevy centre. how about when the youngstown airport was going to close. or even the air force base. and yes he has even done alot to get the baseball team up and running. that is just to name a few. what did he truly do that was so wrong besides stand up for himself. i dont care who you are or where you are from, Trafficant was and will still be the greatest leader mahoning county has ever seen.

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Jason Getsy faces Tuesday execution; Gov. Strickland denies clemency

there is no reason why jason is the only one getting the death chair. if he gets the death chair then all of those who were involved should recieve the same.

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Family mourns pair in murders

sorry to say it, but what comes around goes around. these thugs went out and did some dirt onto someone and it came back and bit them in the rear. these punks were on the fast track to nowhere. out selling dope gangbanging and playing with guns gets you no where. havent these thugs been taught that when they were boys? to all you mom,s out there its time to start teaching your sons and daughters before the streets do.

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Two found dead, bound in burned out car

these wernt kids, they were thugs, gun toting drug dealing gangbangers. their past speaks for it all. they choose to live by the gun and the fast life and it all caught up to them. and im most certin that these punks caused some grief for someone elses family.

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