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vnchatman (anonymous) says...

This is in regards to comments made by all of you inconsiderate and outstandingly ingnorant a******s. None of you know anything about my cousin other than two charges you have read about in the papers. You don't know what kind of family he comes from or what kind of person he was outside of those two isolated incidences or any of his positive attributes. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting to highlight his volunteer work or how he was taking care of children that weren't his or how he helped his disabled grandmother. The problem is, we come from a society that expects young people and especially young black people to screw up and fail. It's funny how we don't here too much about the "gangbangin" "dope dealin" punks from the suburbs. Two families are hurting beyond measure behind an act that was extremely viscious and senseless and all you can think to do is find another way to dehuminize a lost life. I pray for your ingnorance and insensitivity to this matter and I can only hope your skeletons or the skeletons of your loved ones never make it to light so that they can be used to define your meaningless lives. My cousin was only 20 years old and no matter what you "think" you know about him he was and will always be a precious "kid" who was taken from God's earth, not yours.

August 19, 2009 at 5:15 a.m. reply suggest removal