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Trump to talk foreign policy at invite-only event at YSU

Someone needs to take pictures of those attending so we can find out who these wacky people are that back Trump in our area.

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Judge blocks Ohio from cutting funding for Planned Parenthood services

Why do the religious groups hate the US constitution except when it supports them? They need to stop violating the US constitution or we will start violating it against their freedom of religion.

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Information distribution decreases OVI related crashes for Mahoning County

What a bunch of BS. OVI checkpoints almost never catch any drunk drivers. They just are a way for cops to search cars without a warrant. They give out far more tickets for seat belt use than anything else. Hopefully the courts will eventually outlaw this form of gestapo police tactic. Everyone knows that DUI arrests are just a way for local government to make easy cash. Then, as they run out of drunks to arrest, cities claim their attempts to protect the public are working and checkpoints should continue. BS. They have been doing it for the money all along. Time for the courts to protect us from this warrentless search practice. Pull over people who are driving wrecklessly and then arrest them if they are drunk.Leave the rest of us alone.

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Thousands attend gay-pride events

Sad that the need for high security has now hit such simple events as gay pride festivals.

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Valley creation sure to turn heads at GOP convention

Why do the county Republicans have to embarrass the entire county with this bust of Trump? Couldn't they just sneak in the side door to the convention and wear sun glasses to hide their identities? Instead they will carry a big bust of the man almost certainly destined to be known as the biggest joke to run for President ever.

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Youngstown community mourns Orlando shooting victims

To say that the founders of the US government put language in the constitution that allowed citizens to rise against the government is the dumbest argument I have heard yet. The constitution specifically makes taking arms against any part of the government a high crime. The 2nd amendment was added to allow states to form militias to track down runaway slaves. That is recorded historical fact. I do agree that the issue here is hate promoted by religious leaders. It is time to crack down on any religion that promotes harm to others. Harming others is not a religious freedom and promoting hate must be treated as a serious crime.

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Clinton clinches enough delegates

This lie is designed to take away interest in the Democratic Convention. If the Vindicator was honest, they would report that neither candidate has enough delegates to win and we will have to watch the Convention as each superdelegate votes. Who knows what the excitement of the Convention might bring.

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Valley Christian School sends 41 grads out to change the world

We don't need any more religious extremists out to make the world tow their line. Send them all on a crusade to Syria to fight the muslims. Just keep them out of my live.

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Video in Youngstown schools' science curriculum espouses creationism

The school's leaders need to be more careful to assure that lies like creationism are not taught in our public schools. Next thing we will hear that some wacko has snuck teaching materials into the schools that teach that President Obama isn't an American or that the US never landed on the moon.

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Faith keeps the flame of Falcon Camp going

Why are the public schools of Austintown promoting this religious groups attempt to build their church with the kids in the community? Is someone on the school board trying to promote their religion? What is a muslim group sets up a camp? Better yet, how about a Satanic Religion set up a camp for kids in the buildings paid for by the taxpayers? Shame on this religious group trying to establish their religion through the publicly funded schools. How un-American can you get? I hope someone sues them fast.

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