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Furry squatters about to lose their home

Well Gonzo, so glad you cleared all that up! Glad to know YOUR interpretation of Natural Selection is the holy grail. I'm sure Darwin was not referring to a wrecking ball, but glad you have twisted this theory into your own hateful & arrogant words as usual. If you are saying that living in the "Real World" is YOUR world? I don't want any part of it.

What research have you done on these 'wild' animals known technically as "Domesticated Cats". Maybe before you let your hateful mind spew onto the keys in front of you, you should learn the difference betwen the words DOMESTICATED and WILD. I'll help you, since your world may not have a webster's dictionary. Wild is something like lions, tigers or bears. Domesticated Cats are like those homeless ones in Campbell.
I also found your hypocricy comical as you start your rant by stating "I would not necessarily want to see the cats crushed" and end your speech with "if some animals get smoked, that's life."

October 3, 2009 at 10:46 a.m. suggest removal

Furry squatters about to lose their home

LIFESNADIR - You are correct! Yes the city and the Wrecking Company SHOULD be charged with animal cruelty, 1 count for every animal they crush IF they go ahead with this. I certainly hope a shelter steps up to help, but it is sad that the county, neighbor lady and wrecking company have no care about those poor animals' lives. Some of that Fedreal $$$ should go to housing those animals.

October 3, 2009 at 9:47 a.m. suggest removal

‘Ugly, bothersome’ utility poles will mar beauty of $34M business school, YSU leader laments

Isn't this the same project that allowed YSU to force that one man out of his building he owned for several years? It's nice to add a new building but at what expense to area residents and businesses?

August 10, 2009 at 9:57 a.m. suggest removal

Home seized

GONZO - very chidish and DISGUSTING comment. Totally uncalled for as the animals and children are innocent in this. Scary that people like you roam free.

June 13, 2009 at 9:10 p.m. suggest removal

Warren’s future depends on residents’ involvement

Maybe residents "didn't bother to show up" because after months of begging for answers and attempts to call the mayor's office, they were left with no reply. Even the county sent a letter offering to take the financial burden of the city's Health Dept and no response from the mayor. Various council meetings were packed, dozens of citizens spoke up and asked, even begged, the mayor for an answer and he sat there with his head down. NEVER answering a single constituent's questions or even responding to their concerns. To blame 4 years of mismanagement and lack of planning is ignorant and unfounded.

It is also comical that this article speaks of the population drop over the pat 35 YEARS and of the increasing vacant homes since 1990 while not taking into consideration the hiring of 4 Police Officers in 2008 let alone the VARIOUS positions formed throughout the city's payroll since O'Brien's reign. If the population has been dropping for 35 years, shouldn't management have had some idea of reorganizing the budget accordingly to the declining revenue BEFORE the mass Safety Forces layoffs? Why would decreasing revenue ONLY affect the most important departments in the city to help fight crime?

June 13, 2009 at 9 p.m. suggest removal

Deputy's home raided; guns, drug equipment seized

YOUNGSTOWNPUNISHER - great post. So many are quick to judge of the 'high-paid' police & fire, when in reality, starting safety forces barely make more than minimum wage. The recent posting about Youngstown Firefighter testing displayed a starting wage of $10 per hour! Would most risk their life for that? No. There are always some bad apples, but the majority are public servants doing a job to protect total strangers. We should hold our safety forces in the same regard as our brave soldiers who fight for our country, not disrespect them as most choose to do in our area.

April 5, 2009 at 8:54 a.m. suggest removal

Woman in Dann case now lectures

I totally agree with ATOWNPARENT. These 2 women made a decision to party with their bosses and then went and cried wolf. They had a motive from day 1 and profited from it and are still making cash. Their stories were absurd and I am still disgusted that my tax dollars went to pay them to party. Sorry, but if your boss asks you to drink with them and spend the night, you could have said no. Anybody would be stupid to pay these liars a dime to hear them speak. Dann & crew were wrong, but these 2 had a plan... sleep with the boss and get set for life by suing the state. Unbelievable.

April 3, 2009 at 11:05 a.m. suggest removal

Offend Youngstown

tugboat, are you saying there are too many cops in Youngstown? To be fair, your numbers should include the crime rates in the above mentioned cities and a nationwide average, not just a few hand-picked cities. I believe the national average is 2 officers per 1,000. Maybe Fullerton is relatively crime-free and they do not need as strong of a police force to manage their city? There may be some cities with 3-4 cops per 1,000. Youngstown and Warren both are loaded with drug dealers, crack houses, abandoned homes (free playing ground for crimes), arson, murder, shootings and more. My opinion is that we should increase the safety forces as much as possible until we can watch 1 news cast that does not include a murder, armed robbery, shooting or drug bust.

April 2, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. suggest removal

New taxes on tobacco to burn big hole in consumers’ pockets

rmzrez - your comments are very rude and uneducated. First, it is not 'your' air. Second, is every choice you make a healthy one? Do you eat fast food? Eat candy? Exericse daily? Drink alcohol? My guess is no. People always make unhealthy choices and it is not your right to point fingers and claim to be superior to smokers. What is next? Tell all the people who get diabetes and heart disease from poor life choices that they now have a higher tax rate? After all, by your standards, that was their choice, right? Smoking should be treated as the addiction it is and the government should be using these tax dollars for free patches and smoking cessation aids opposed to funding the welfare system. Now that would make to much sense. Smokers are punished enough by living with addiction, people like you who point fingers and ridicule them, and now are punished even more financially.

April 2, 2009 at 9:05 a.m. suggest removal

Another reason to quit

BROWNS - The State of ohio earned $955 MILLION in tax revenue last year solely from cigarettes. This figure does not even include chewling tobacco or other tobacco products. The State of Ohio would be in horrible shape if all smokers quit.

Your opinion of taxing smokers to death is inconsideration and ignorant to the big picture. By blindly saying things like 'raise it 4 more dollars a pack' and 'smoking is a choice' is a very narrow-minded way of thinking. Ask any smoker and I promise you most of them will tell you they hate being a smoker. Smokers know that "there are no benefits to smoking", that is no news flash to them. Why can't they stop? It's an addiction, compared to be as strong as a heroin addicition. In addition, smoking is a social addiction as well as a substance addiction. Smokers associate everything they do with smoking and quitting is a complete life change, not merely just stopping smoking. Everything from having their morning coffee to driving in the car are completely changed.

Another factor to consider is the hypocricy in the government's choice to punish smokers. I bet there are more people raising health care every day by 'choosing' fast food and other unhealthy food choices and 'choosing' to not exercise regularly. Diabetes & Heart Disease result from other 'poor choices'. So what is next? Raise the tax on a Big Mac $4? Other unhealthy choices should be taxed too under your recommendation, right?
Try to expand your views a bit more and learn how serious of an addiction this is. Instead of applauding those suffering with a nicotine addiction to have to pay more, read some facts on the seriousness of this addiction. Health care companies give healthcare benefits for other addicitons, but nicotine addictions are ignored. Why is that? If this was truly a health issue, then use these extra tax dollars to provide free nicotine patches and gum to those trying to quit. Yes, starting smoking was a choice for smokers, but once the addiction takes over, smokers should be pitied, not punished.

April 2, 2009 at 8:24 a.m. suggest removal



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