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Omarosa shares reality of ambition with her native Youngstown

Where did she grow up? On the Southside I bet...

I say that, because as Louie Free has reported, there is a now famous study from the early to mid 1980's saying how bad that area was.

I wonder if these two murders around her were both drug involved? Seems to be the most common thread in these failed communities.

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Canfield residents voice concerns over Flower Mill property

What a bunch of busy body pain the a%% busy bodies.

Oh some high weeds..

What in the world are "piles of street grindings"?

Street grindings?

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HIV-positive Randal Brown charged with assault

We should have a registry for people who carry the plagues.


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Omarosa shares reality of ambition with her native Youngstown

Well I didn't follow this woman's rise to fame.

Only knew her name vaguely from Apprentice.

What's troubling (wondering if anyone else noticed this) is that her father was murdered also. Assuming that was here in the bad streets of Youngstown...

"OM: Well, there were several. One occurred when I was very, very young, only 7, when my father was murdered. That's a milestone you never forget."

That would have been in 1981 when her father was murdered.

30 exact years later, her brother was killed in the very same town.

Another generational murder family tree born and bred in Youngstown.

Folks should be damn ashamed of what this town has become.

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Hundreds of South Side children get treats, meet police at Harvest Fest

Anything like this seems to a good thing.

Sad that we need these events due to the safety of trick or treating in such an area.

Unsure of the message behind the event. Strange combination of departments and the display of firearms. I like firearms like the next man, but unsure of the signal sent to people in an area where firearms are one of the biggest issues.

All that said, thanks to all involved for doing something out of the ordinary and offering opportunities for the good people to interact for a change.

Pretty thrilled any time there is an event @pgurney endorses.

Agreed, the more of these sorts of events, the better. Keep it going!

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Should the 50-year prison sentences for Taran Helms and Hattie Gilbert be reduced for shooting and robbing Joe Kaluza?

You'd have to be way liberal to think that these two violent puke bags should receive a sentence reduction.

They ought to receive the death penalty or life in prison.

Joe Kaluza very well could have or should have died and the perps didn't give a damn if he did. It was a rotten, cold blooded and continued attack on Joe.

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East Side hayride more horrible than haunted

This matter sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

The other day it was various code nazis hitting the South Side, now it's some random and rather enormous plot of land on the north east side.

Imagine that.

/ She said the 60-acre yard was filled with everything from tires, car parts and scrap metal to animal cages, mattresses and children’s toys. /

Isn't that what private property is for? Otherwise, why own property...

I highly doubt the property is filled. Talk about liberal language abuse for emphasizing the power stroke of government.

/ Reports say grass had grown over piles of debris in the yard, creating a nesting area for rats. /

Oh no, invasion of the rats.

Rats nest in warm houses, especially wooden ones that are really hard to keep them out of. Let's rule against such buildings and bulldoze them all. Only masonry and marble buildings. Spread the wealth like welfare butter.

Freaking theatrics.

/ Fulmer said Floyd also did not have the proper permits to operate the hayride attraction. /

A hayride permit?!?! You are kidding right?

What does the city exactly think someone should do on their own private property? Other than pay taxes and not use it...

Have to note that the property is zoned AGRICULTURAL. As such, lots of the city's invasion and intrusion is limited.

Shameful situation really blown up by the Vindy and the city's Laura Fulmer.

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Meadville publisher tabbed to head Sharon Herald newspaper


The Herald has become a useless barren rag.

Their online offering has mostly syndicated crap content and tiny snippets of news only.

We don't bother buying their print copy and have just about given up on their website.

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Youngstown officials, agencies conduct South Side zoning sweep

Cry me a river folks.

Some want us to believe that this little PR stunt is going somewhere. While the South Side is a total destroyed dump, none of the areas of town are exactly nice.

The "quality of life" issues are massive in this town. Yes, some of the sore spots in this article are contributors.

However, having about the worst selection of people put together with some of the highest illiteracy coupled with rampant crime and total disinvestment from the city for three plus decades leads to this.

It's not the frickin grass causing all that geniuses in residence.

Again, what's 5-6 police officers being added going to do? That's if we are lucky +1 more officer a shift.

What happened to that 2010 City Plan? What happen to abandoning parts of town, moving folks out and stopping the services?

This nitpicking public grand standing is hunting a massive deranged elephant with a fly swatter.

Fact is, so few give a damn on the South Side today. Would you care after decades of this vile crime and hopelessness?

It's not places like Lutz's that are the problem either. It's the massive piles of no value, no resale value, tear me down housing long ago abandoned.

The city needs to buy / lease it's own heavy equipment and put a tear down squad together and clear the entire backlog of structures next summer with it's own budget.

South Side needs a central YPD sub station and foot patrols and other man on the streets interaction.

You enforce property code stuff in the spring in summer, aside from snow clearing. Too late and cold now to do many repairs.

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Youngstown officials, agencies conduct South Side zoning sweep

Good damn luck.

Sounds great, but will end a terrible public relations issue.

What's a property owner going to do when the morons tag his property again? Paint it uniformly over, again. That's going to solve lots. Actually, it won't solve a thing. All it will do is make the building a bigger issue and target and perhaps escalate the problems.

I can see it now, building collapses due to weight of paint-overs.

Leave it a Dumbocrat local politician to recommend the store owner hire outside security. Yeah, let's put 2-5 people on payroll to watch the place 24/7. That's how many it would take folks. Three eight hour shifts a day, 21 shifts a week. Is this the local Democrat plan for job creation?

How about the city Dumbocrat do something about the multiple decade YPD failings and inability to keep the natives under control and in line?

The city should start by stopping the crap mobiles that shouldn't be on the roads. Extend that to the car stereo clowns next.

Pickup all the hookers and citations for loitering for all the street dealers. Don't frisk them or anything for drugs, just cite them for the nuisance violation a few times each.

Ditto for the droves of clones that roam the streets, straight down the middle in the way of traffic.

Yes, I second the curfew enforcement issues.

Cut the grass? Good luck there. It can be a problem but in November? That dispute is a dumb one. See those folks next summer dummies.

Hey the snow is coming. How about Youngstown enforces it's shoveling/sidewalk clearing law? We have one here right? Can't tell in most spots all winter long.

/ Some of the properties were abandoned, with missing gutters, roofs in disrepair, high grass and garbage across the property. /

Imagine that! Abandoned buildings. Missing gutters. Roofs in disrepair. High grass and oh no garbage.

Gee, I wonder why?

Couldn't be due to the oh 30+ years of disinterest by the city leadership in the South Side of town?

Doesn't the leadership get that those gutters and related parts have long ago been scrapped by the local strippers? Should homeowners be expected to employ 24/7 armed security to fend off the marauding hordes of devilish souls also? Or are they just SOL like that business who probably can't afford anything either?

What's the city expect to find in this dumpy part of town other than... garbage.

Perhaps these folks should stay in the area longer. How about a voluntary move-in?

Make the leadership live in those areas for 30 days each. Bet after that, they'll come up with better ideas and approaches to doing things.

Nice ideas, but the area is far from suburbia where such minor infractions are magnified into mountains.

Just ignore the killings, single mother household epidemic, the legions of gang aholes, the crack and heroin epidemic, the massive poverty and the totally broke a%% city infrastructure.

Lots to be proud of, not.

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