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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

Vote Trump, our last hope of turning this sinking ship around. More give always to those to lazy to get a job by the Democrats sucking off the working people. What does the country have to lose. We tried a community organizer for 8 years, maybe try the other end of the spectrum.

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Cubs fire DJ who played song with references to violence

Cubs seemed to forget who they were dealing with. That kind of talk and action is accepted in their neighborhoods. If you don't believe it take a ride, if you dare.

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Milwaukee police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting

These rioters do not care what the evidence is ,they are bent on destruction of other people's property and causing bodily injury or death to police and firefighters. If they are looting give them 1 chance to stop this illegal act or they will be made to understand looting and causing mayhem will not be tolerated.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

Vote Trump, probably our last chance to right the sinking ship. Once the greatest country in the world. Hate to say it, as the Greatest Generation dies out, so is the country as a whole.

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National Guard on alert after night of rioting following police shooting

This riot was about one thing, burning businesses and stealing as much as they can becausethey know law enforcement will not shoot them for rioting. They do not give one hoot about this idiot that the cop shot. Most never took advantage of an education payed for by taxpayers, subsidized housing, food stamps or welfare payments. Just keep on taking from people who pay for these handouts, never learning that hard work pays. How is it that every other ethnic group, for the most part, is law abiding and productive but the blacks just do not get it.

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Supply chain issue impacts Cruze delivery, Saturday production

Let's just see how back stabbing GM spins this one. US taxpayers bail them out, then they build a Cruze plant in our great neighboring country, Mexico, all the while closing plants in the US and Canada.

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Trump to stump at YSU Monday

Vote Trump, the candidate who might get this sinking ship back on course. I'm not saying he can, but the other candidate wants to spend more money we do not have, just like her predescessor. Obviously, this can not continue, greed is bankrupting us morally and economically. What are future generations going to have to look forward to if we do not rein in spending. We must get business cheats, welfare cheats, government cheats in check or we are doomed as a country.

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PRESIDENTIAL RACE | Trump refuses to back away from false claim Obama founded IS

indorse demonstrators. I think he means endorse and Democrats.

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Tennis-like game draws all ages to Austintown Park

Stretch b/4 attempting!

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Macy's to close 100 stores, locations not announced

Not able to adapt to the on line shopping experience, too many Obama regulations, clothing too expensive for the Obama economy, maybe they could get a GM type bailout before they become the next Sears/KMart slow death.

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