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Wis. Supreme Court allows union law to take effect


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Ohio teachers air merit pay concerns to governor

racer5 - Rather than discuss the issues at hand, all you could come back with were grammatical errors!! Way to go!!!

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Special place for special children


Unfortunately, there is always at least one individual who has NOTHING nice to say!

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Witness: Kids who assaulted homeless man are 'menace'

Whether or not the homeless man involved has a background or not does not excuse the behavior of these children. If the children felt threatened in any way, there next action determined which outcome we would be discussing now. Rather than walking away, they chose to beat and throw rocks at this man. At their ages, they are well aware of what right and wrong is. Stop making excuses for their inappropriate behavior. Holding them accountable is the key to their future. What will they learn if are given a simple slap on the wrist??

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A dog's day

Adoptable dogs can also be found through a non-profit organization called FOR THE DOGS. Here is the link:

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YSU decision worries YEC students

If that is not a racist post then I don't know what is? But then again what do you expect!! I will leave you with this quote:

“Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind”
John Tillotson quotes

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Campbell revisiting ban on gun sales


Thank you!! I could not have said it any better!!

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Campbell, in fiscal emergency, wipes out $463,000 deficit


Please enlighten me as to who is getting the generous pay and benefits in the city? I am curious.

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Some teachers unions scoff at federal grants to boost school funds

Unless you are in the schools, you have no idea what it is like. It is easy to criticize when all you have as a reference point is the newspaper and the local news. Before you judge, why don't you volunteer your precious time working with these students. I highly doubt that you would last more than an hour. I can almost guarantee that we will not see any of you there!!

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Police dog offers big assist in Struthers, Campbell cases

How do you know that the city is not trying to hire more officers in addition to implementing a canine unit?

If you have so many questions as to how things will be operated and how future expenses will be handled, why not take the initiative and go out in search of the answers that you desperately desire. You would rather criticize rather than show support for a city you claim to reside in.

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