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Canfield man faces animal-cruelty charges

I live in the neighborhood and have talked to Frank a few times over the years. What I got from our conversations was that he would do anything for anyone. A lot of the "stuff" that he has accumulated are things that people have given him or put out to throw away. If it is in decent shape he keeps it and gives it to local charities and shelters. Yes it sounds like he was overwhelmed and it got out of control. Also the animals that he would take in were sometimes from homes that couldn't take care of them. He thought he was doing the right thing and he thought he could provide a good home for them until the people got back on their feet. It is very upsetting to hear about cats in the freezer. I met him originally because he was searching for a cat that was missing from his house. He was very distraught because he was taking care of it for a little girl. He happily told me some months later that it had found it's way home. I am sure he didn't harm any of the animals. It sounds to me like someone with a good heart got in way over their head. He told me himself that he had trouble getting around his house. I think he just felt like it was for the good of the charities and the people who are in need. I have no idea about the dogs. When I talked to him on those few occasions he only had one dog that he had had for years. He had rescued it after he saw it get hit by a car. You could see him driving around on trash day with his dog sitting next to him in the truck. He loves that dog. I pray he gets that one back. I don't know where the others came from ....but maybe they were in bad shape when he got them and he was doing his best to take care of them. The problem is he took on more than he could handle. There is no excuse for any animal to go underfed or without medical attention. I just want people to know that he had good intentions and probably thought he was giving these animals a better home than they had had in the past. We see stories like this all the time. Sometimes these people are really good people that have made bad decisions. They just can't see it for themselves. Let's all hope that he and the animals get the help that they need so that they all have a good life forom this day forward.

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Neighbors of filthy home in Canfield report nothing out of the ordinary

I agree money is tight. I don't think money was an issue here. Seems like mental problems or drug addiction. I see trash cans were in their yard--but they didn't use them. Common sense-for lack of a better word was definately lacking. Compassion was lacking..If all the info reported is accurate--they treated the kids like animals (covered in flee bites) and treated the animals like garbage. I bet you would agree that if money is tight--you don't continue to bring dog after dog into the home without the ability to feed it or take care of it. A woman driving by saw the dogs outside--the neighbors never did?

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Neighbors of filthy home in Canfield report nothing out of the ordinary
watch breaks my heart--
Thank you Elise Franco for speaking up!!!

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