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New GM tightens clamp on worker absenteeism

Why make more rules, when the current contract isn't followed or enforced?! I work for Ford and have a relatives who work for both Ford and GM. Will forms or electronic means be made readily available for requesting time off and will I get a dated signed rejection or approval? When I bring in a doctors note, will it have to say "my name, couldn't work due to "diagnosis"? Will I get the dated, signed and appropriately coded original note returned to me (if rejected is there an appeal process)? When working hours making it a hardship to get to a doctor, will I be able to use my personal time in blocks appropriate to allow me to come in late or leave early so I can seek mediacl treatment (ie... Allergy shots, treatment for ailment or condition or take my child or spouse to the doctor)? What is my recourse if refused time off or note is rejected? What if I am sick and don't wake up in time to call in 30 minutes before my shift?

If our current contract was followed and abuse by individuals documented where appropriate new stricter rules wouldn't be neccessary. I have a B.S. In production management and have worked both sides of the fence. I hired in to Ford with the intent of applying for a managment position in two or three years, it only took a year to see I wasn't going to do that! I know GM isn't any better, so how do you expect to keep hourly employee's when wages and working conditions are worse and the pay the same as everywhere else? Blue Collar workers such as my remaining union brothers and sister are the ones who make the products and used to be able to buy the products. Who buys them when we can't afford them?! Oops more jobs gone and an even, weaker economy!

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