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Ohio AG: Regulate Internet gaming

It is my opinion that the State of Ohio would rather have people buying instant lottery tickets from $1.00 to $20.00 and the payout is so small. I know for a fact that you don't win often. I purchased five $20.00 lottery tickets and won a total of $10.00. A good investment of $100.00 will get you $10.00. What you have left is four tickets that are worthless. You can go to an Internet Sweepstakes Cafe and buy Internet or long distant phone time. You can surf the web or play games that will give you the chance to win a sweepstakes. If you chose to play games too win a sweepstake, you never lose your phone or internet time. The Attorney General would like to limit the number of computer to (5) in each location. That is the way to eliminate most locations. So what does this tell you as to why they want to do this? The reason is that all the people who went to the Internet Cafés will buy more lottery tickets controlled by the state. I would think buying lottery tickets is a game of chance with random winners. Should the State of Ohio stop selling lottery tickets because it is illegal? Of course not! It’s ok for the State to do, but not private citizens. The article in the Vindicator stated, that one undercover investigator said, “My concern is they’re locating in areas where people have inadequate income and are desperate enough to gamble”. I would think if the State of Ohio was concerned for people with inadequate incomes, they would not have locations in those areas to protect them from buying lottery tickets. We all know that is not true because, they would rather have the money spent buying lottery tickets than going to the internet cafés. If they wanted to, they could ask for proof of income prior to the sale of lottery tickets. I am sure they would not do that. I think this country was founded on free enterprise. Additionally, I think internet sweepstakes cafés should not be restricted to (5) computers, especially if the State of Ohio has any interest in the revenue they could lose. As a solution, charge a license fee, a computer fee or any other fee needed to make additional money.

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