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Board OKs teachers contract

Did we really need to hire another principal with a salary of $65000 + $12000 for benefits??? I think that with as small of a school as we have, that we could have made due with what we have rather than go spend $77000 at this time. One last thing is that we have a computer teacher in both schools that obviously have a degree in computers, so why would we need to hire a computer tech, Joe Celli, at a rate of almost $19 per hour and for up to 1040 hours??? I would think that with the 2 teachers that have a degree in computers that they each could plug and unplug the modem when it goes offline. Do we really need to approve up to $20000 for a tech??? I think those teachers know something about computers. The school board just continues to run our school into the ground. It's not just the 3 that should go.....they all need to go. It's gonna be a very sad day when the levy fails in May and our school is closed. Way to go borad members.

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Board OKs teachers contract

Fellow residents, did you know that with all of the jobs lost, hours cut, programs lost and so on that it was decided by our school board that the coaches for athletics will not take a cut and will be paid the same amount as last school year??? I have the actual list of how much each coach makes and for the board to approve paying them the same amount when we have people that have lost their jobs and programs that have been cut, it is unacceptable. I am all for athletics, but what cuts have been made there , except for a few assistants not getting paid? NONE is the answer. No pay to play and coaches still getting full pay with no cuts. Here is what the SPORTS coaches were paid last school year and once again will be paid this school year: Dan Williams- football $7066, Tom Knight- football $3994, Ron Murray- football $3994, Tennis coach- $3,379, Alan Stanley- golf $2765, boys cross country $3379, girls cross country coach $3379, boys basketball coach $7066, girls basketball coach $7066, softball coach $3379, athletic director $7373, boys track coach $3379, girls track coach $3379, cheerleading coach $3072, bowling coach $2765. Do I need to add it all up? I guess athletics is more important than academics to our school board. This list is available at the board office. Stop in and pick up a copy for yourself. Also, I just learned that there will only be 1 custodian to clean each school??? They have cut 3 custodians??? Tell me how 1 custodian starting when school ends at 2:40 is going to clean the WHOLE high school by themselves! I heard that our beloved(LOL) pricipal Gary Carkido made a comment that he could clean the whole school in 4 hours. Well Gary, let's see it, because I don't see how 1 person can clean and sanitize every room in the high school and 1 in the grade school. Another issue for me is that the company the bord hired to do the audit is the exact same company that didn't catch the mistakes over the past few years. WHY would you hire the same company that has audited the school over the years and not caught the mistakes at that time to now do an audit in 2010??? Do the board members have even 1 brain cell in their heads??? Also, PLEASE tell me how the board has just put Catherine Harvey as their FINANCE COMMITEE chairperson???? She is one of the 3 board members who helped to mismanage our spending over the past few years and she is now the finance committee chairperson! Are you kidding me? Sure, let's just give them almost 4 million over the next 5 years.

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McDonald board OKs plan to cut deficit

The treasurer is gone and the board president is gone, so why hasn't the person that oversees everyone, Mike Wasser, gone??? His signature was on the checks also. He is part of the problem and it would be crazy to let him stay and oversee everything from here on. Alot of people are losing their jobs, but he is still sitting there collecting a paycheck. He should resign! As far as another levy, the fist one barely passed and now you are taking jobs away, cutting programs that our children need, busing, teachers, librarians, custodians and so on. I guess that since they are cutting all of that, that athletics will be pay to play or cut, since academics are first priority and you are making cuts there. Now you think we should pass another levy??? Good luck with that. I love Mcdonald, but it's time to pull our kids out and send them to a school that can provide them with a better education and programs they deserve.

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