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westaern reserve players

who ever picks the top players I guess you forgot to look at Western reserves roster,You forgot Thomas Benyo, Tommy Marlow ,Jeff Clegg, Tim Cooper, Donnie Bolton,
Nick Allison is a good player but you definetly forgot all these guys!

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Western Reserve at McDonald (Week Eight, 2009 season)

these stats r all screwed up mcdonald didnt complete a pass and reserve didnt give up 500 total yards!!

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Tim Cooper

best reciever out there!

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McDonald at Western Reserve (Week Nine, 2010 season)

western reserve is a great team i think they can beat mcdonald

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western reserve/ mcdonald

western reserve has one of the best quarterbacks he is above everyone else he has over 1000 yards passing this season and half of the season western reserve has been up 35-0 at half time and he has not played the whole game if he did he would have a lot more yards passing. ryley sheptok is the player of the week but doesnt get a write up? he is the best receiver and deserves more credit.tim cooper,thomas benyo,and john rosati als deserve more credit too they are the best recieving core.

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the western reserve kids play with alot of heart and play as a team. the seniors have embraced the underclassmen and they all work hard together.we have a great coaching staff who are all there for the right reasons.

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