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@theguins. Typical Youngstown logic to overlook something good happening in the valley, the successful parade, by bringing up an incident that has already been addressed and taken care of. Whats your next comment something about the steel industry since there was a retired mill worker in the group? Move on.

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OSU fans not biting on bowl-trip packages

So let the Gator Bowl Suffer for OSU's stupid mistakes? Nice. Maybe this can push away bowls after the ban for taking OSU due to their fan base and start putting teams like Boise State in Bowls they deserve to be in. Instead of punishing the Gator Bowl be a team player and go to cheer on the kids playing in the bowl like real fans would.

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Cincinnati’s Gates suspended

Emotions get the best of us all especially in rivalries. He punched a the opponents after being provoked and is getting his punishment for it. Yet theres pushing and shoving as well as trying to punch people in the NFL and its not as big of a deal. Hes 22 years old and still maturing. He made a mistake and now has to live with his actions and move on with his career. Personally I hope he has a great rest of the season instead of wishing he could never play another game. My question is how did Tu Holloway the one that provoked and started the whole thing only get one game?

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GM corporate, Lordstown plant deny report of diesel-engine Cruzes coming to US

Dear Cambridge and peacelover,
Do some research before deeming this a "stupid decision that wrecks companies."

Here are four reasons diesel cars are becoming popular in the US, as they already are in Europe.

The following is the link to the list of cars and trucks sold in the US that run on diesel fuel. Notice how Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and volkswagen all have a wide array of diesel options where as GM's are limited to trucks.

In the mid 90's GM came out with an experimental electric car, as we all know. However for one reason or another they scrapped the idea and consequently 98% of the vehicles that were being leased. This decision caused GM to be leaps and bounds behind instead of ahead. I hope they choose to make diesel cars very soon otherwise, once again GM will find themselves 5 years behind on a growing market.

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Graham gets credit for Lordstown success, not blame for GM failures

"He manages a large elected group of unionists, manages membership of 3,200 and growing, is involved with the running of our plant through Key 4 (Plant Manager, Comptroller, President of the UAW and Shop Chairman of the UAW) processes to upgrade the operations of the Lordstown Assembly plant."

Bill, just an a FYI the key 4 is composed of the plant manager, HR director, Local UAW shop chairman and president. Thanks for being so knowledgeable in the daily operation at General Motors Lordstown.

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