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Did cops pull guns on boy?

And to you who said where is his father or in this case "fathers?" Well, ignorant, that is why people if you don't know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut!! They both have the SAME father!! He died!! How many different fathers does your children have? Or do you even know? If you are going to post your comments about their personal life instead of the issue at hand, KNOW, not speculate, what you are talking about!! The mothers rap sheet is no ones business, unless she did something to you!! Her rap sheet is not the issue, nor should it even be relative to this incident. None of us were there so no one should say anything relating to what happened. He is a CHILD! Yes, children may do criminal things, but my nephew is NOT a criminal or a delinquent!! If you want to say ignorant things, it may have have been YOUR son they were looking for and MY nephew got stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time!! So to you, GOD don't like UGLY!!!

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Did cops pull guns on boy?

First of all this is that Little boys aunt!! Ignorant people keep your self centered comments to yourself!! He had a father, one that was there for him and his sister that you all say has the HOT pants on. Their FATHER is deceased!! That is where he IS!! He died, not killed!! My nephew is a good kid and he is in sports and a victim of circumstance!! We can choose our friends, WE CAN NOT CHoOSE OUR FAMILY!! What his mother has done, is of NO reflection on the children!! Where he lives is a reflection and the circumstances in his neighborhood IS a reflection on the city officials of YOUNGSTOWN!! Would he have been treated the same if he lived in a upscale suburban neighborhood!! I think NOT! The mother, nor what his sister was wearing in the picture, is not the issue. The issue is how he was mistreated and now tramatized. If it were your child would you feel the same all because of your living arrangements? Come on Youngstown, we need to STOP stereotyping/degrading and accusing people because of neighborhoods and color!

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