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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

First off valley native these guys are no longer working for the police department so there for it is none of our business what other jobs they work, union forever apparently your not much of a union supporter at all if u support sb5! Sand what the hell does Senate bill 5 have to do with this? We don't even know the truth about this it was turned over to the SO of they are guilty they deserve to pay the price if no then you are hypocrites for slander then we don't even know they are guilty! So I think its time we quit being judge and jury!

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Emergency responders: Motorists must pull over for the safety of all

Well lil I guess we can't all be perfect like you! And just remember eventually u will need that first responder and I'm sure your attorney will be on speed dial because we took to long

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Emergency responders: Motorists must pull over for the safety of all

Fire let me asked you how you deem when it is or is not necessary for emergency responders to use lights And sirens? As a firefighter paramedic for 12 years. I am both a volunteer as well as a paid member of multiple departments and I have never abused the so called power if you notice something happening that you feel wasn't right think about the possible causes maybe that volunteer or that paramedic that just went through the intersection and shut his lights and sirens off was cancelled prior to getting to that call. If you have a problem with what an emergency vehicle has done then contact the department or ambulance service and advise them there maybe a perfectly good explanation for your concern as opposed to you making a single sided decision that the driver was abusing there privilege! Also instead of pointing fingers why don't you thank those very people because we put our lives on the line everyday and don't know the person we are doing it for! I guarantee if you needed the fire dept or an ambulance you would be the first person to ask "what took you guys so long to get here?"

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