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Woman killed outside South Side church

A lot of you here are just pathetic. Its easy folks, Turn to God, quit pointing fingers, we all have remained silent when we shouldnt. It takes one voice to make change. The fact is a human life was taken by the hand of another.Its unacceptable!!!. Not one person in this post including me has done anything to make any differance. Its easy to boast on here, not so easy to get out there and truly make a differance.So instead of stabbing each OTHER VERBALLY, WHY DON'T WE ALL STAND TOGETHER FOR ONE GOAL WE ALL BELIEVE IN. Accountability, morality, and looking out for each other instead of looking the other way.

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18-year-old arrested tonight in murder of elderly St. Dom's parishioner

I'm so sick of people pulling the Race Card..Get over yourself.. I dont care if someone is white ,black or freaking purple. Justice is justice!

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Funny how everything is such a big issue these days. When I went to Mooney in the 70's fights between schools was pretty much a common occurance after the games. Things used to be handled between the parents. Not anymore, you only need to look through a lot of these comments to see how our kids have become the way they are. Entitled, no acceptance of responsibility for actions. No need to work for anything, because these days ,everyone must be treated the same exact way, no such thing as reward for doing your best, or busting your rear to be the best you can be, because everyone is the best and deserves what everyone else has.

Personally Im sick of the way society is, wiether your from ytown, boardman, canfield etc. Looking at many of these comments, I really do not see any improvements coming soon. Kids will continue to make bad choices, feel entitled and accept no responsibility as long as parental society chooses to stay the way it is.

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