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List of suspects in feds drug and gun roundup

Law enforcement needs to come to Youngstown and do the same thing.

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UPDATED | 2 Steubenville football players sentenced for rape

Fingers are called digits. Get educated.

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Jump Start day-care center closes reported on may 16, 2012 Janell Howell was found guilty of two counts of failure to comply for operating without the required workers’-compensation insurance coverage.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s special-investigations department investigated after Howell did not cooperate with repeated attempts by BWC’s Employer Compliance Department to bring her business, Jump Start Child Development Center in Youngstown, up to date on its policy. Howell was ordered to pay $300 per month for the next five years while on probation and pay court costs and probation fees. If the full amount owed of $18,547 is paid during her probation, her probation will be terminated at the time the debt is paid.

If Howell fails to make any payment, she will return to court and may serve up to 90 days in jail.

So I guess she will be going to jail now that the daycare center is closed. How else will she make the payments since she also owes for the Mahoning/Youngstown Mini Loan Fund Inc. v. Janell Howell et al, foreclosure loan according to the Vidicator on August 22, 2012.

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$780K grant to help lure daily flights to Youngstown-Warren airport

It was easier for me when flights made trips to O'Hare. Presently, I book a room near the Pittsburgh airport, take the shuttle, just so I can catch an early flight. I feel safer leaving my car at YNG than PIT, plus it is only a 20 minute ride home compared to an hour after a 4 hour plane ride and do not even mention the layovers.

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WRTA board seeks renewal of sales-tax

I have used WRTA to attend YSU during my undergrad and now use the bus to attend while earning my masters degree.Masters classes are offered at night time, so if I miss my nightline bus by two minutes I have to wait 1.5 hours for my next bus.
Our bus station is the first thing people see as they get off the Greyhound and I surely do not think the restrooms leave a lasting impression for anyone visiting from another area. The money used to revamp the offices could have been put to better use in the bus station restrooms, but administration does not have to use these facilities so why would they care?!

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Anderson: Enrollment will decline in the fall

If Eastern Gateway Community College had been opened at the time I started college, I surely would have received my associate degree form that institution then went to YSU. The logic behind this is, with EGCC a grant will pay for your classes and books along with money leftover for your pocket. At YSU one needs to take out a loan to go along with the grant money to pay the costs of the tuition bill.

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Citizen’s arrest in Warren prompts law director’s concern about safety

Maybe this is what needs to hapen since people shoot each other like we are in the "Old West". By the time citizens call 911 the offenders are long gone and off to commit another crime. Constuctor, would you shoot a woman who claims they would pull out a knife and slash you? Better think twice on that one.

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Aid, scholarship delays fluster YSU students

As a grad student, I do understand the reasoning behind this. The DOE is concerned students will receive the money, YSU will strike, then some students will have no money for books and other needed items when the strike is over. I need my financial aid check also, but I would rather wait until YSU clears up their mess. If I have to show up to class with no books that is not my fault, I can blame that on the DOE.

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South Side disrupted by shootings, teen killed

Does anyone have more info on this kid than I do? He could of been an innocent bystander. Yes, we have a lot of violence on the South side, but the majority of people bring upon themselves. In my section it could be very quiet except for a store on the corner, but if you cross South Ave., nothing but trouble.

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Motorist killed by falling tree; others injured in flash storm

God is sending a message to Mt. Calvary, telling the church to get right with all the back taxes and to do wat is right for the community concerning Idora Park.

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