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Fact check: Liberty township has highest township tax rate in Trumbull County, but not state

Yes,Liberty Township also has the worst roads in the county and under staffed road,fire,and police departments. Moe,Larry, and Curly sitting behind the table do not know how to manage money. Township government is run by who is the most popular people who get elected not who is a money manager.

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'I AM YOUR VOICE,' Trump says during acceptance speech

This nutball is the second coming of HITLER! he would push the button at a whim and take us to total destruction. God help us all if this nut ball gets in.

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Valley delegates to RNC say Trump will bring excitement, unknown to convention

Trump is the second coming of Hitler! . God help us all if he get elected.

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Black Lives Matter condemns shootings, plans more protests

first : All lives matter. Be it black,white,red,ect! These shootings by police officers need to be investigated and the officers need to be brought to justice if found guilty.There are a lot of badge happy gun happy cops out there.Give them a badge and gun and they think they are God. However,there are a lot of great cops out there,helping people and laying their lives on the line every day.Profession,race,anything you are going to find good people and bad people. We can't group all into one because of a few bad ones.I would love to see "Black Lives Matter" protests,signs,and speeches come out in Chicago every Monday morning because black lives are being snuffed out at a rate of 20 to 30 every weekend up there. Over the fourth of July weekend they set a new record with over 40 killings of black lives. Don't these lives matter? Of course they do but the "Black Lives Matter" only comes out when a cop kills a black person.I pray for all those who were killed be it a black man or a cop.Our country is going down the drain.Isis need not worry about killing Americans because we are doing a darn good job of it our selfs. God help us!

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Warning: Use extra caution with backyard fireworks

Stupid law!.You can buy them but must be taken across state lines within 48hrs! Oh sure that's what the people do. I wonder how many arrests are made over the fourth of July for shooting off fireworks in the back yard. I bet you can count them on one hand. Just like the car insurance law, You must have car insurance to drive in the state.However when you go to get license plates the clerks say sign this.It means you have insurance!

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Warren biker club targeted for closing after fatal gunfight

Geez, these guys need to grow up. They watched to many movies.

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Trump: US should consider profiling Muslims

Beware people! Trump is the second coming of Hitler! Hitler said the same thing about the Jews and we all know what happened there. Check the history books, old films,ect and you will see he preaches the same hate. I am not a Clinton fan but she would be the lesser of the to evils. It's a shame that we only have these two people to pick from..This county is going down the drain.

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Youngstown council to consider law to make it illegal to sit, lay down or loiter downtown

Good law! However all the people who work downtown will have to learn to stand on their heads while they eat their lunches outside on a nice day.

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A Kool memory: Bell recalls Ali’s ’72 visit to Valley

Yes,Ali was a great person. It's a shame that he wanted his public funeral service to be free to his local towns people and now that that have issued the tickets for it free of charge that those people who supposed to have loved him so much are now trying to profit from it by selling those tickets on the internet. Sure they loved him! sure they did, however they didn't love him as much as they love a $50 dollar bill.

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