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Foster homes needed for 105 dogs seized in Smith Twp.

The dogs shown on this newscast look completely taken care of. It seems to me that the owner of these beautiful dogs has done a wonderful job. There is a HUGE difference between a puppy mill and a REPUTABLE breeder. In this case it is very clear that she took excellent care of her dogs. None of their coats were overgrown no dogs are underweight. The alleged ear mites that the "humane officer" claimed were uncommon,are actually among the most common, easily treated ailments in dogs and cats. I hope this woman wins her case against the ill-equipped Animal Charity facility. Those dogs are her personal property. It is no judgment of the public what she can and cannot do with her animals, especially when she has worked for 30 years to get the beautiful animals she has now. I hope there is a follow up story about the case taking place on the 30th. Anyone who has raised animals (dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc.) knows how much work goes into the care of these animals. A reputable breeder like Mrs. Wylie, provides your local families with pets that you cherish forever. She has done nothing wrong and deserves to get her animals back and her name cleared.

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