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Austintown police arrest Youngstown man on drug-related charges

What make this stop notable is that Michael Williams wasn't carrying a firearm.

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Guns and drugs yield 4 1/2-year prison term

"Saying the cocaine and guns were deadly, Kevin Trapp, an assistant county prosecutor, recommended an eight-year prison term. '

Not deadly enough for the judge to give him eight years. Could this indicate that now there is a level of acceptance toward drugs and guns in the hands of felons?

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Why did Trump choose Youngstown?

Most of Youngstown will vote for Hillary and accept what she will give in return. NOTHING ! The Clintons past performance toward Youngstown speaks volumes as what can be expected to materialize.

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Good Samaritan killed after helping pull SUV from ditch

A couple of good boys corrupted by the gun that gave them the power to kill. The compassion of the man they killed shows that you can never do enough for some people as they will always want more. Now he has no more to give as they took his life. These two killers deserve no more compassion and if justice was to be serve both need the death penalty or to be incarcerated for life with no chance of parole.

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Milwaukee police chief was surprised by violence after fatal shooting

The rioters are upset that a black man has been killed by the police. They don't care about the circumstances that led to his death. The riots will be allowed to run their course. There is no easy solution for preventing riots when a death occurs.

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Judge sends Shun Moreland to prison for 4 1/2 years

The good news is that Shun Moreland gave up his guns. The bad news is his concurrent sentence. He'll never spend the full 41⁄2 years in prison and will be out in much less time. The old landscape will not have changed much and his old contacts will resupply him with guns and drugs to start back up where he left off.

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Police: Man who was shot had gun in hand

"The black man whose killing by police touched off rioting in Milwaukee was shot by a black officer after turning toward him with a gun in his hand "

Worship the gun, show it in pride and get a predictable response from the police. The end result was death to the young man holding the gun.

Allow life to flourish by taking the guns off the streets!

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Will call for new ideological test for admission to US

Hillary is bizarre but her supporters don't care.

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National Guard on alert after night of rioting following police shooting

The young man who was killed was a victim of his own gun. Showing that gun to the policeman brought a response that cost him his life. Removing the guns from the streets would eliminate many deaths yearly.


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National Guard on alert after night of rioting following police shooting

Perception and the perception of racism. Being armed and fleeing a traffic stop is not looked upon as a crime that warrants being shot and killed for by the residents. Their perception of being shot in such a fashion is viewed as racism. Punishment for doing so was a riot. The goal of a riot is twofold. One is punishment and the other is to force enforcement to relax. With the riots fresh in memory the next traffic stop may go down differently.

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