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Thanks to police levy passage, Boardman will recall 3 firefighters

that does seem ironic, but there are NO police officers to be recalled. They all found other jobs, quit, and/or were FIRED!

boardman FFs DO pay for all their own meals. I happen to know they only go to the grocery store when absolutely necessary.
next time (if ever) you SEE a boardman firetruck offloading its personnel, please RUN back to your momma's keyboard and tell me exactly how many firefighters disembark that vehicle. You make it seem like a clown car bursts open whenever that truck parks. Hardly the case.
you're damn right you've been lied to many times do you need to be lied to before you actually DO something besides pound YOUR momma's keyboard????

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While I do see the apparent irony, you must admit there are ZERO personnel from the BPD (or from any twp..dept. besides road and fire) who are laid off.

But why cloud the issue with facts?

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