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V&M delivers plant, 350 jobs

So... I don't know about all of you... Great! 350 jobs. How do you apply for one? Where is the website to apply for it? Yeah I searched for obvious places on google and didn't see any employment links. Or is this just some big brother union Bull S**t get together where if you haven't been in the union for X amount of years and it's not what you know buy who you know... I don't see how it can do much good if you can't even apply.

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Officials discuss Mill Creek ice-rink prospects

yeah a million bucks could be put to better use... As for the above poster... I'd still vote for park taxes. I don't see this getting funded. I think they could do better in spending to money to purchase Idora park and have some winter activities there that could be "privately" funded instead of tax money.

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More proof of dysfunction in criminal justice system

I'll tell you why he did it! He wanted that 2,000 bucks! And it's not just youngstown. Corruption at it's finest and who pays the price? Us tax payers that's who or in this case that 80 year old lady. Sad but true that's the way the system works.

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Brown appeal denied

Well, hopefully the rest of the street thugs out there can see what really happens to them when they use gun violence. We need to start killing more of them around here to set a good example that Y-town doesn't tolerate these types of actions.

This is not about killing people it's more of what can happen to you when you kill people. I way to maybe prevent this kind of crap from happening in the first place!

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