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Youngstown is being sued for demolishing a vacant house without informing the owner

Why would they only give him only 30 days to fix up the property? If it was in such bad condition, surely repairs would take much longer than that. Instead of knocking down houses, Youngstown should be instituting a $1 house program much like Detroit, or at least something similar. They should be satisfied as long as improvements are continually being made to the property. Moreover, they should give homeowners a longer time to respond and do repairs. How many lawsuits like this can the city tolerate? I find the part about the homeowners' actions regarding the bar and liquor license completely irrelevant. Any homeowner would have sued. It's as if they never expect for the city to be booming again, but I believe the city has a good future (in spite of the apparent need for policy changes).

January 30, 2014 at 11:13 p.m. suggest removal