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Riff raff about the roof

BigStar303...correct and right on point. These cutesy young reporters are lost and so is the one has respect for their job anymore. Half aszz work is the new normal today.

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Friends Specialty to take over Cafe at Fellows Riverside Gardens

Wellllll, as of 8/15/16.... it's time for a little follow up...looks like everyone's "Friends" Mitch and Patricia Lynch...finally got their just rewards and had their existing contract someone decent in to run the Garden Cafe...for a huge change.

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Some Valley Republicans bemoan Kasich's snub of Trump

Such a big baby and real spoil sport. Needs to take his "bankey" and go home. How disgusting and sorry is this wimp. Ahhh, someone broke his red's be a snotty political brat .He's still stuck with himself and not a winner.

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sobchak....go back to your cave ya old sour puss and take that grouchy ouchy murph right along with ya. YEA CAVS...WAY TO GOOOOOO! YEA....CAVS!!!!!!!!! Down with the nasty haters!!

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After 9 years, West Side gardener enjoys fruits of his labor

Great story...something nice for a change!

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Mystery shrouds deserted, neglected Youngstown cemetery

Boy. Some people are very crude and caustic about some of the city's past residents, past history and present day issues. Easter is over. Go back to your cave again.

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Community pays respects to POW/MIA Cpl. Dennis Buckley

Let us not forget this military hero who paid the ultimate price for so many Americans who were yet to born while he was "gone". And he paid a huge price with his then very young life. Please remember...OUR freedom has never been free. Thank you Cpl. Dennis Buckley for your service. Glad you are finally home.

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Should all YSU trustees be Valley residents?

No more retreads. Especially: Schulick, Meshel, Humphries, the Hagens, Germaine Bennett or any recycled local barnicles who are clingers and board lifers. New faces create new inertia.

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Appeals court says Kimble must appoint classroom teacher by Monday

Kimble is obviously waiting until she has enough of a case going so she continue to be denied...and THEN she thinks she can file "some other type of LEGAL action with a higher court". Sometimes people similar to Kimble, who have their own "special inside interests" at hand, need to be removed from this type of employment so they can't create more chaos or shower themselves with additional media attention. WE taxpayers do not deserve this type of nonsense going on with our tax money which is being blowed on inept people who merely want a stage on which to perform. KAN KIMBLE!!

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Boccieri calls for reform of park-board appointment process

Attis...the answer is because Aaron Young is part of Robbie's favorite people group...that's why Robbie cannot dismiss Aaron Young. All an inside fix which Robbie can arrange...cuz he's got his favorite people group! What an embarrassment they both are too.

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