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Authorities: Champion pharmacy added to area's drug problem

I can't believe I spelled her name wrong...this is what happens when my mind moves faster than my fingers, lol. Caraway

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Sorry, April Caraway.

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Authorities: Champion pharmacy added to area's drug problem

I'm not sure how the first paragraph relates, as these men were under the influence of ILLEGAL medications...I know April Carroway, and she is by far one of the most ambitious people I know. She isn't incorrect when it comes to her numbers, but does anyone stop to think that with the recall of OxyContin and it's availability, the government's "war on drugs", and the abrupt loss of pain medication these "abusers" need that the number of heroin abuse cases arose out of their "success?" Articles like this bring attention but also panics to the public, and although pharmacists are educated in medication there is a reason they are not MD's, It gives doctors bad reputations and their patients that actually need the medication under scrutiny. 'I think it's sad this is what it's come to...

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