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Petitions for U.S. secession submitted from all 50 states

This B.S. about seceding from the USA was started by 6 states that have alot n common. They are all states that businesses run to...and then pay there workers as little is possible. Now take the F'd up State of Florida. We have a governor that was elected..even after his company was caught ripping off the Medicare/Medicaid system. Yep Gov. Rick "Moonbeam: Scott 's company that he founded had to pay a $1.75 billion dollar fine for over billing and CHEATING the federal government. This idiot is one of the worst humanbeings to have been elected...since Richard Nixon and Ronald "I lost my mind" Reagan. Lastly these same states have drastically cut funding to education. In Florida...65% of the students failed....FAILED...the FCAT Profiecency Test. This is a test that is based on the 8th grade level. Then again...if you live in really doesn't take much brain power to work in any tourist related job.

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Testimony under way in Jamelle Jackson murder trial in Akron

Help me to understand this. Another wanna be thug from Y-town is on trial for murder. For what he did there should be no trial. Send him straight to prison. But, after he changes his name from Janelle. Sentence him to life with no parole. After a few days of being locked up...and bent over...everyday all day....they will make a WOMAN out of him. Touche',

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Adorning Idora: Block now a model of success gotta love the comment from "UticaShale". This person is a very typical "Sarah-Palin-Tea Party-Only Care About The 47% - Senile Clint Eastwood Empty Chair Talkin' - Mitt Romney Loser". Please spare the B.S. about what is sinking America. Remember...Ronald "I'm Losing My Mind Reagan" is the idiot that started sinking America!!!!!

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