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Strickland fires back at Kasich


LMAO. You're given the monetary value in yen now convert it to US dollars. Geeeezzzzzz the average wage for a union Japanese autoworker is the equivalent of $26 to $27/hr. And that’s before their $20,000+ yearly bonus. Their US counterparts average $24 to $25/hr. These US non-union workers wages would be considerably less if the UAW no longer existed. The UAW wage drives the wage of the transplants since the Japanese automakers want to resist their workforce from becoming unionized so they pay comparable wages.

BTW BMW in SC no longer hire permanent workers. They use temps at $12/hr to build their "$80,000 ultimate driving machines." LMAO part 2

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Strickland fires back at Kasich


From the link I posted:

"That may not seem like much, but their average base salaries were already well above the national average: Toyota’s average monthly base will nudge up to 350,580 yen and Nissan’s to 355,400. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s December 2006 data, average national wages (not including cash from bonuses) stood at 273,175 yen."

Which word of well above the NATIONAL average don't you understand?

Wow, that was tough.

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Strickland fires back at Kasich

I gave you the rate difference. Read the link I posted. It’s in there.

There is no comparison in the value of GM to Honda in the MV. For every dollar Honda would generate for this valley GM workers and its suppliers generate 10,000 dollars. Only a fool would say Honda does more for the valley than GM.

Buying ANY GM vehicle enables GM to spend money on the Lordstown plant when it needs renovations or upgrades for new product.

You ALSO keep forgetting that workers at GM and its thousands of local suppliers pay taxes to the state of Ohio as well as local taxes. Local taxes in Marysville do NOTHING for the MV.

Also employees for GM spend 10,000X more in the local economy than Honda workers do.

Your promotion of Honda as a valley savior is laughable if not downright idiotic.

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Strickland fires back at Kasich

"Honda also doesn't pay union wages and benefits to American workers but they do for their Japanese workers"

"I know you wouldn't be trying to put a slant on things"

Cambridge, you just make a statement to intentially mislead people, then try and turn it around!
Your such a hypocritical loser. ~belched JME
The ONLY one putting spin on anything is you, JME.

Here is the truth; Cambridge is correct:

Japan’s auto workers get pay raises (a bit) and better bonuses

Japanese auto union workers are some of the highest paid in the WORLD. The US/UAW worker ranks 7th in pay-rate as compared to Asian and European Union counterparts.

Direct labor equates to 8% of the total cost of a vehicle. The majority of profits from selling an auto return to the location of the Company that owns the product.

Honda workers money spent in Marysville has no direct impact on the economy of the Mahoning Valley. GM on the other hand boosts the local economy by about 2 billion yearly.

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Just buy American

Want to talk economics? Here is what it would cost the US if the domestics failed:

(Taken from the same Center for Automotive Research you so proudly toted)

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Just buy American

Well the truth comes out; JME "worked" for Honda. Go figure.

When they layoff people at Honda (like they did this year) they don't collect a 40 hr paycheck for doing non-traditional auto assembly work? Better check it out.

""Like Toyota, Honda previously paid its nonunion hourly
workers even when it shut down factories to reduce inventory.
But Honda said this time hourly workers would not be paid for six
of the 13 days, to be scattered between May 1 and July 31."

Uh huh...

Honda and Toyota are notorious for NOT telling the truth about their inner-workings as they fear it may sully their 'wannabe' American company name.

As far as retirements are concerned Honda, Toyota and the other foreign transplants had the advantage of entering the US market 40 years after GM.

Remember this:
You can blame the unions and UAW all you want but no UAW member has ever designed, determined the manufacturing location of, the processes used to manufacture, the parts and quality of the parts used in the manufacture of any vehicle produced by GM. The UAW assembled them according to GM's specifications. Look no further than Toyota; they build the Corolla and Tundra in the US with workers represented by the UAW and it's not causing them problems.

When people are losing their jobs by the droves it doesn't matter what car company you support. People don't have the money to purchase vehicles right now and they are ALL sitting on the lots rotting, INCLUDING HONDAS!

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Just buy American


Ok so I made a typo. The Acura RL is 100% Japanese; refute that.

No matter how you spin it GM supports 78 jobs per vehicle sold in the US while Honda supports 44. Deal with it.

The "jobs bank"? You do know that the jobs bank was created to prevent jobs from relocating overseas? The concept was NOT "dreamed up" by the UAW instead it was a mirror of the Japanese concept "employment for life". Well, the Japanese STILL have their "jobs bank" and the UAW doesn't. You don't hear too many people complaining about the Japanese jobs bank and how that is a poor idea and inefficient do you? And they created it! Oh, and if Honda and Toyota, are so efficient and great why have they posted negative earning so far this year?

Face it, your whole tirade isn't about Honda vs GM economics, it's about your anti-union stance.

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Just buy American

Do you people comprehend what you post or do you just shoot from the hip?

There's no denying buying a Cobalt would have direct impact on supporting the Lordstown plant but since they are owned by GM ANY GM vehicle purchased would return the profits to GM and in turn would afford them the capital to reinvest in the Lordstown plant for future products. So no, buying a Honda from Marysville isn't even close to supporting Lordstown as compared to buying ANY GM model from wherever it's assembled; even Mexico.

Something else you people don't realize:
On average only 17% of the total foreign vehicles sold in the US are assembled here. The rest are imported from Japan. Not every Honda Civic sold in the US comes from the Marysville plant. The same goes for Toyota. Some makes like Acura's TL are 100% imported.

If you want to purchase a foreign vehicle do so because you like the styling or you think it's a better car but DO NOT defend your purchase by calling them "American" because it makes you sound like an idiot.

Here, learn something; this site will let you compare how many jobs are created in the US by selecting specific autos:

Now for your's and search4answers second point:

US auto companies have been in existence for over 77 years. In comparison the foreign companies like those from Japan have been in the US market less than half of that time. Honda in Marysville is the oldest plant and it's just approaching 30 years. The bottom line is the foreign transplants don't have many retirees yet. The Domestics have 300 times more retirees than do the foreign mfgs. To put it simply, companies like GM have a retirement obligation that doesn't go away when the economy tanks. Honda and Toyota merely layoff employees and wait for the economy to pick up. But since the Japanese have a concept called "employment for life" these furloughed employees STILL collect a 40 hr paycheck and that's why both Toyota and Honda lost money so far this year. But since they don't have a retirement obligation they have the extra capital to ride out the storm. Its like comparing apples to oranges and that is what most people in the valley don't get. They think that if GM Lordstown fails then no big deal; it's only 2500 jobs. What they forget is that there are thousands of other jobs created from parts to services that would be affected. Eliminating retirement benefits would affect the 80% of OVER 15,000 GM and Delphi retirees still residing in the MV.

Do you get the picture yet?

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Just buy American

OK Search4Answers,

Since you got your head so far up your arse you haven't noticed the the entire economy of the US is in the dumper, not just the MV.

The ONLY people doing well are the 5% that own 95% of the wealth.

Thats right, people in the non union "south" are losing jobs too. The problem is the "south" pays 40% less for the same exact jobs in the "north". Who exactly does it benefit, the worker or the "boss"? NOT the worker.

It benefits people like the CEO of Nike that has it's manuf. plants in Indonesia where 13 year old girls sew up Nike shoes for 13 hrs and no breaks working in their feces and urine for the grand total of $1.25 WEEK. Of course they don't want to deal with the "stupid unions"; they would actually be forced to pay a living wage. It costs them $5/shoe and they sell them for $100/pr. Yea bury your head in the sand some more.

People don't pay taxes when they make less than $25,000/yr.; the average wage in the 88% non union USofA. Thats why SS and Medicare are going broke.

It's people like you that are the embarrassment with your moronic reasoning.

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Just buy American

I can understand if someone buys a Japanese or other foreign auto if they would just admit they have an axe to grind with the UAW and GM as their reason and not some cockamamie BS, dreamed up, excuse to legitimize their purchase.

Toyotas, Hondas, Kias, et al are foreign owned companies; it doesn't make ANY difference if they are "global". GM is "global". A person that sells on ebay and accepts payments from around the world is "global". It doesn't mean the company becomes American if they have a few mfg. facilities in the US. It's where the company is headquartered.
For example:
Toyota...Aichi, Japan and Tokyo, Japan
Honda...Minato, Japan and Tokyo, Japan
Kia...Seoul, South Korea
Nissan...Chūō, Tokyo, Japan
GM...Detroit, Michigan United States

You people sound like idiots when you say a Toyota or Honda is "American" strictly because it MAY have been assembled from mostly imported parts in a transplant assembly plant located somewhere in the US.

Answer a simple question:
Do the people that work at the Marysville, OH Honda plant support local businesses and pay local taxes to the Mahoning Valley?

No. Thats what I thought.

Do the people that work at the GM Lordstown plant along with ALL the workers employed at the MANY satellite plants that supply it for parts support local businesses and pay local taxes to the Mahoning Valley?

Yes. That's what I thought.

If Toyota or Honda had a plant in the valley by all means buy one. It would be the smart thing to do if you owned a business or home here. The last time I looked GM still owned the plant located in MV so supporting some other auto would only help the possibility of the GM plant closing and sending your home or business value into the abyss.

Grow some. You want to boycott the UAW and GM by purchasing foreign then tell the people at GM where YOU work so they can boycott you.

Of course you won't have to because if GM closes the plant in Lordstown then you are going to kiss YOUR job and home good-bye anyway.

You people are pathetic.

Even a dog is smart enough not to Sh*t in his own house.

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