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Three Valley high schools rank in top 10% in US

These survey are a joke !! They conveniently choose to not include parochial or other private schools.

Fact is they can't stand the reality that any comparison would show. Locally both Cardinal Mooney and Ursuline would blow away any and all local schools academically.

Well over 90% of their graduates attend college and every year the average amount of scholarship per student at both of these schools is significantly higher than their
public counterparts.

It is not surprising that many non-catholic families send their children to parochial schools......i.e. (the nephew of the President of the Youngstown's Board of Education attended a local parochial school). No parochial school has ever restricted admission based on religious grounds.

As a non-catholic parent of 3 children I chose to send my children to parochial school. All of my children where accepted to every college/university to which they applied and all 3 received full 4 year scholarships to highly ranked colleges with tuition's over 45,000 a year.

Perhaps public schools should quit beating their chests and learn how to compete in any real evaluation of how they would stack up academically to private schools.

Why doesn't the Vindicator do a real comparison of the quality between local public schools vs private school education. Oh wait, the Vindicator or local television channels wouldn't know how to do real investigative reporting and never has. Telling the truth of a situation has never been their strength. Let's just all put our heads in the sand and pretend nothing is less than it could be locally or we might offend our advertisers.

Maybe it is because the answer is already known......Public school education on average just doesn't compare.

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