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Blitz 2012

Go and mess with one thing that actualy worked with the Vindy Blitz. Cause god knows you cant get day or names right. Hell even scores. By the way Campbells game is on Thursday NOT FRIDAY. And now there will be some people missing the game cause of that one mistake.

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Presidents approve college football playoff

Wow still not perfect. But its a start... there are to many collage schools out there that never have and will get a shot at the championship. But at least seeds 3 and 4 will get a chance now. Go Ohio State.

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Filmmaker’s work focuses on Traficant

Wow people. He might have been convicted of a crime. But i remember him fondly from my Time Working at the old Amoco on Midlothian and south. he would come in with his Blue Diesel olds and fill up on his way to Washington once a week. he would sit there and have coffee with us and talk for about a hour. he helped me get some things i needed for school and helped my sister get a passport to Germany where her husband was stations when not even the army could get it. and he got it for her in 3 days. the man was the best thing to ever happen to Youngstown. even if he did take a bribe or two. and dont think Ungaro never took anything. a fool knows he was corrupted more then anyone.

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Campbell knocks off Girard 42-35

“Take nothing away from Campbell Memorial because they played an excellent game. I just don’t know if we could have played any worse and still been in the game,” said Girard coach Nick Cochran

LOL are you serious??? Campbell gave you 4 of your 5 scores cause of the damn turnovers. Campbell played so sloppy and still knocked your mud hole. and to top it off Cochran still thinks its 1985 and he can just start fight to take Campbell out of there rhythm. Yeah Coachran we still remember that night in 1985... keep your kids in check. i admit we have a few knuckleheads but they didn't follow anyone to the bus and start fights. get your dogs under control and man up!

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Campbell Memorial

Yeah i clicked on a lot of the kids names and some say they played for 2 schools the same year. Figures. But Dom Patton showed Friday he deserves recognition as his brother and dad. he has moves. why in the world did i hear he was not as good as his brother or dad. he sure lit it up Friday.

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Blitz Show | Team Previews

Campbell Memorial Dropped a div to 5 with Ursuline. Wow does anyone at the vindicator check before they report? Once again Campbell is not div 4 they are div 5 along with the 3 headed monster.

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Campbell Memorial

Only team that can stop the 2011 Campbell Red Devils is the Red Devils them selves. They are fast on Defence. Gone is the lackluster defences we have been accustomed to over the better part of 19 years. Welcome back Defence. Offence is going to need to stay healthy. Can't afford any injuries with the line and depth of offence. The backfield not a worry has depth. All in all this team stays healthy we are unstoppable,.

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Browns lose to Lions 30-28

The starters Showed up!!! The back up to the backs up must have forgot to practice this week..

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WR Hammond to transfer from Boardman to Harding

Yup he can Transfer to WGH for school. But he is not playing football there or anyplace most likely.. I mean if the parents moved to Warren why would they move back?? So there kid can play football for Boardman since that would be the only place he is eligible to play this year. But since the state now knows this and he already enrolled into WGH then he is doomed to not play this year at all. He has to sit a year.. Man whoever's choice this was either the parents or his was a bone headed move.. For once the state smelled a rat and did something about it...

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WR Hammond to transfer from Boardman to Harding

Look this kid was giving a opportunity to go on a mission from a charity drive the school helped raise funds for it. And he practised with his team leaves that night has the pkaybook and the next day he moved without telling anyone till a few hours after a scrimmage game. Sorry for the people defending him. But stop drinking the kool aid. This is a complete disrespect to Boardman and the community. I don't want to hear the bull from Mooney or Ursuline and there hogwash. I know what the schools are doing .... But as far as public school Powerhouses are no better. Open enrolled is a recruiting tool for them. If the state would investigate high profile transfers then I would have no problem. The ohsaa do next to nothing cause there just allowing schools to run a muck. Could you imagine if the school would have been say Poland Mooney Ursuline?

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