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Nuns on Bus could teach Ryan

I would believe it to be Paul Ryan's intent to visit a Christian charity if the media were not in tow.

From MYCAP's website: Welcome to MYCAP, a center for community services, support, and help in moving to self-sufficiency and a better life for you and your family. We provide Head Start classes for children to the age of 5, Weatherization, to save energy in your home, financial literacy case management, and other benefits.

It seems that investing tax money in this worthy effort will enable MYCAP to help families find a better life, which in turn means better citizens and well-employed taxpayers.

More Power to MYCAP...and the Nuns on the Bus.

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Cashing in on Ohio’s turnpike

Does Indiana lease its turnpike? The rest stops are filthy, and supposedly maintained by the businesses that house them.

Use Ohio rest stops before you cross the border!

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Who should be affected by a new Ohio law banning the use of hand-held electronic devices while driving?

Not only electronic devices should be banned. I was driving on the freeway one evening and saw someone driving while holding a paperback book open on the steering wheel.

I almost drove off the road!

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Beatitude attitude

We can be proud of the work done by those at Beatitude House, and the efforts of those who have gone through the programs and turned their lives around. They have made a better future not only for themselves, but also for their children. God bless you all! You are a sign of hope.

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Harrison and Big Ben ready for Rams

The guy is a sadistic jerk.

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Are you planning to donate money to help in the Haiti recovery?

Please don't use the excuse that you don't know where your money is going not to donate at all. Catholic Relief Services is reliable, and there are other charities reliable that can use donations, too. Doctors Without Borders is already in the news for setting up makeshift hospitals and clinics.
You can research charities and find out reliable ones.
However, avoid using a credit card; send a check instead. Unless you hear otherwise, credit card companies have not waived their "processing fees" (i.e., profitable skims) for donations made through their cards.

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Short and sweet

National Geographic begs to differ:

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Let’s lose offensive mascots

Mascots that are racial stereotypes are racist and should be eliminated. Wahoo is a caricature of a group of people. Get rid of it. I don't care how "beloved" it is to children. I hope we are a little more enlightened to how demeaning these mascots are than people were in 1914 or the 1700s.

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Cornerstone Dinner planned for shelter

This program is one of the most exemplary in Ohio, if not in the US. Keep up the good work!

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Mayor furious over council vote forced by state

Cities sometimes expect emergency workers to be on call and available on a moment's notice. Obviously, the farther away the worker lives, the longer it takes him/her to get to the emergency. I can understand the city limit requirement for some city workers; depends on their jobs.

I lived in Youngstown for 7 years, and a new job took me elsewhere. I wish the city and mayor well.

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